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Appalling customer support

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Please supply a contact phone number - as no one responds to my emails (see below) I need to speak to someone asap. I AM PAYING A PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION FOR A SERVICE I CANNOT USE!! All I need are my login details - I can't even cancel my subscription as I can't log in.

Dr. Diane Scutt

From: Scutt, Diane
Sent: 09 March 2012 10:17
To: 'Spotify Support'
Subject: RE: Contact Spotify Support

I have still had no response – you sent me this ‘holding’ email on 2 March but nothing has happened since. Please could you sort this out as a matter of urgency.


Diane Scutt


From: Scutt, Diane 
Sent: 06 March 2012 23:07
To: 'Spotify Support'
Subject: RE: Contact Spotify Support


Hi - any news on your investigations on my account yet? This is getting frustrating now as I'm paying for a service I can't use. Look forward to hearing from you asap! 




Dr. Diane Scutt



From: 'Spotify Support' []
Sent: 02 March 2012 11:51
To: Scutt, Diane
Subject: Re: Contact Spotify Support


Hi there,

We'd like to thank you for your patience while we've been investigating your query.

We're just running some final checks now to ensure we have a resolution for you. We'll email you within 24 hours with an update.

If you have any further queries in the meantime, please do let us know.

Kind Regards, 

Spotify Customer Service - Cambridge 

If I'm not in, anyone else on our dedicated Spotify team can read my notes and help you.


If you use Twitter, please follow @SpotifyStatus for service status updates and @Spotify for company updates.


How good was my reply?


This e-mail (including any attachments) may contain information that is confidential and/or privileged. It is intended only for the recipient(s). If you have reason to believe that you are not the intended recipient of this e-mail, please contact the sender immediately and delete the e-mail from your computer.

Original message sent 28 February

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I am having problems logging in to Spotify. I think that I may have 2 separate accounts as all was fine until I started using Spotify via Sonos. 

I had to change my username to that above when I got Sonos and I can\'t remember my password. However, when I click the \'forgotten password\' it asks for my username. If I put in the number above, it says that I am using my Facebook login details and sends me to Facebook. Once there, if I access my login details, it gives me a different username/number to the one above.

This is driving me mad - all I need is my Spotify password but it\'s proving impossible to retrieve it. Help asap please!

For your reference this is Case #: 284432

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Re: Appalling customer support

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Judging by your emails there, it seems your login details would be just the same as the ones as you would use to log into Facebook.

However, to log into your Sonos with an account created through Facebook, it's a slightly different process. You'll need to follow the steps shown here

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Re: Appalling customer support

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Which of course Darren at Spotify Customer Service - Cambridge could have told the user when he replied on March 2 and eveyone would have been a lot happier!

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Re: Appalling customer support

Thank you but as usual I have ended up in a continuous loop of frustration. I did as suggested above - set a new password for my device - and (no surpises here) got a message saying that my account is not connected with Facebook. I don't want to log in via Facebook, I just want to login to Spotify and be able to use it!! As I said in an earlier email, it appears that when I started using Sonos(November) and had to create a new password everything went pear shaped. 


Can someone just sort this out? There seems to be a complete mix up between my original Spotify Free account and my Premium account. Can't you just cancel any existing accounts I have and just set up a new one? As I can't access either I'm really hacked off at paying premium rate and having no service.

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Re: Appalling customer support

I'm filing a complaint with the BBB regarding their service. This company is pathetic.

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Re: Appalling customer support

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i need some help. everytime i try to get my spotify, which by the way i had it yesterday. windows 7 on my computer tells me spotify stopped working and windows will try and find a solution. whats happening please let me know my email is -snip- thanks

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Re: Appalling customer support

@mamabear51 please don't post personal details like email addresses on a public forum. It sounds like your issue is not the same one as this thread was dealing with - please try uninstalling and reinstalling and if that doesnt work start a new thread and post details of what you are doing along with any error messages you get
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Re: Appalling customer support

Can anyone help me?

Since upgrading to Premium spotify have been taking two amounts each month. I have emailed 3 times with no response.

I don't want to cancel as it may complicate things firther.Quote

anyone have a phone number?


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Re: Appalling customer support

There is no phone number.


Contact form or community is support ways for Spotify.

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Re: Appalling customer support

I agree. The lack of customer support for a service of this sort is appalling. I have searched for some time to find a telephone number or email address without success. This company obviously has written off serving the customer and sneaking off to the bank to deposit the profits they make by ignoring the customers who keep on subscribing. The only answer is boycott. Stop paying any fees to them until they show some respect. Christopher Owen

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