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Deleted Facebook friends still showing up in Spotify

I have recently gone through my Facebook account and purged over a hundred people who aren't my friends. However, they still show up in the People section of Spotify. 


Additionally, some of my Facebook friends are missing names/pictures and only show up as numbers. Any way to force an update?

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Re: Deleted Facebook friends still showing up in Spotify

Nakedhitman - The friends thing might be a cache issue. You can try a clean reinstall here, it might sort both issues...

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Re: Deleted Facebook friends still showing up in Spotify

I am also having this same issue.  I am going to try the re-install thing you suggested but that seems a bit drastic.  Maybe in the future Spotify can rectify this and make it so that when someone is deleted off Facebook, they are also deleted off your Spotify account.  Thanks.  


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