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Free Code Generators? Are they for real?

Just curious if these online spotify code generators work and if its all legit.

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Re: Free Code Generators? Are they for real?

With a bit common sense you should know the answer to this. ;)

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Re: Free Code Generators? Are they for real?

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Hey, there is no free lunch, so answer is those are not legal.


If you get code for free or with unbelievable discount, remember: codes are usually purchased with stolen credit card details and Spotify will lock those accounts and no way to re-activate those. Purchase Spotify only from official shops or site!


Also! Keep in mind: do not install any code generators as those may include virus, trojan or some piece of **bleep**ty malware.


So let me say that if you don't want malware to your PC or spam for life to your mail inbox, turn around from that code generator .zip package and find some money to purchase Spotify legally. Believe me. :)



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Re: Free Code Generators? Are they for real?

Ok I was just hoping. Thanks for the responses.

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Re: Free Code Generators? Are they for real?

Also keep in mind it is a relatively small amount of money for a monthly sub. Considering the amount of music available and the fact that artists need to earn a well as Spotify of course and it's really not worth it to try these so called "free" code generators. They are not "free" for nothing. They want something from you and that will usually be in the form of some sort of hack on your machine so they can farm your data. Just not worth the hassle.

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