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Using Spotify app in Canada

I will be traveling to Canada for a short trip. I have a US Spotify premium account.  Will I be able to play Spotify through my iPhone or iPod app when in Canada?

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Re: Using Spotify app in Canada

Hey there and welcome to the Community!


I hope you will enjoy your trip and Spotify.


You will be able to play Spotify everywhere as long as your subscription is on.


If you go for trip to long time, ensure that you purchase Spotify for some months, just to ensure you will be enjoying Spotify the whole trip!

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Re: Using Spotify app in Canada

Hey! Welcome to the community :)


hpguru is correct.

You can use your premium account anywhere in the world for as long as you like, providing you continue to pay for it using your US payment details. You can either do this by subscription or purchase several months in advance whilst you are still in the US. 



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Gig Goer
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Re: Using Spotify app in Canada

Thanks for the speedy answer.

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