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Is my phone compatible with Spotify?

[ Edited ]

Spotify should get along happily with most Android devices on the market running the v2.3 'Gingerbread' firmware.


For later devices, try installing the Preview version of the new Android app, available at - this should be compatible on all devices up to 4.0


Check out our mobile page for a full list of suported devices, and keep an eye on the blog for all future releases/updates.

Check out our Twitter for the latest updates on any service issues: @Spotifystatus

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Re: Is my phone compatible with Spotify?

Quick reply test: I used before Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Android smartphone, now Nokia Lumia 800 Windows smartphone. Spotify so good in Windows phone. ;)
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Re: Is my phone compatible with Spotify?

You should probably also mention that you don't support Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) either.


ICS has been out quite a while now. HTC and Samsung have both sent out updates to ICS to some of their phones, and Samsung produces Google's own current flagship model the Galaxy Nexus, which also doesn't play nice with the current Spotify Android client.


There have been lots of reports of problems when using ICS particularly in the area of offline syncing.

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Re: Is my phone compatible with Spotify?

It doesn't work at all on my Galaxy S I9001 Plus or ZTE Light touch pad. It keeps restaring every time, It success login, then I get in to spotify, the connection goes on, then after by 1-3 seconds the process repeats. And this repeats indefinitely. 

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Re: Is my phone compatible with Spotify?

With the exception of the Offline bug previously, Spotify worked excellent on my Moto Droid, and currently runs excellent on my Galaxy Nexus(CDMA).

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Re: Is my phone compatible with Spotify?

What sort of problems have you noticed with ICS? I really have no issues on my gnex currently. The only thing i've noticed on 2 occasions was stuttering play but that may have also been a bluetooth issue for me with my philips base.

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Re: Is my phone compatible with Spotify?

Loads of people have issues with Spotify on ICS. It seems to run fine for a while after it is first installed - which often prompts people to immediately say 'no issues here'.


However, myself and lots of others over on the old GetSatisfaction thread seem to find that after a while (could be a couple of days, could be a couple of weeks, but soon) it will all of a sudden start crashing back to the launcher as soon as going online. It's fine to use offline, but crashes on getting an online connection. Only 'solution' seems to be a reinstall and/or deleting the Spotify directory on the SD/memory.


Given that it seems that the GetSatisfaction board is to become redundant, I've created a new topic on this one to cover the issue:


It's only going to become more of an issue over the next couple of months as more phones are upgraded to ICS and new phones are released.

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Re: Is my phone compatible with Spotify?

With how long ICS dev info has been out there, its amazing how poorly equiped Spotify was for this update.


And guess what, its a paid app that says it works on my Galaxy Nexus. Unacceptable.

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Re: Is my phone compatible with Spotify?

[ Edited ]

There have been lots of questions about ICS support over on getsatisfaction and the only response we have had from Spotify is effectively "it's not supported", I've cancelled my premium account and if spotify had any other competitor in my region I would be switching over right away, as it is I've had to go back to mp3s and the native music app. 


Could somebody at spotify PLEASE just tell us the truth?? i.e. if you plan to support ICS? When that might be? I'd just like to know when I will be able to sign back up to premium...... three months? .... six months? ..... a year ?..... never? 


Something? .................... Anything?



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Re: Is my phone compatible with Spotify?

I'm going to say, NO. its not.. no matter what you have, its old, so if there are any updates to your phone it wont..


I'm sorry, little mad at the fact they the Spotify app is soo old. 


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