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Accepted Solution

How do you delete a radio station?

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Hey all,


It's now possible to delete a radio station. See here for details.

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Radio stations

How do I delete a radio station?

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Re: Radio stations


There's no way to remove a radio station at present. If you wanted a little more variety, you can right click on any track and select "Start Radio" - You'll create a custom radio based around that artist.
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Re: How do you delete a radio station?

I would like to know this too...

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Re: How do you delete a radio station?

You can't delete any radio station.

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Re: How do you delete a radio station?

Well at least if you can't delete it how do you stop it playing automaticly after anything I've added to the play queue?

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Re: Radio stations

That's a shame. I accidentally clicked on David Guetta, now anyone who sees my Spotify window will think I have appalling taste.

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Re: How do you delete a radio station?

This will get rid of all your stations. Then you can add the ones you want.  It will still start you with one radio, I think your #1 "Top Artist."


Search your computer for Spotify

Right Click > Open File Location

Click Users > some#-user > Local Storage > LocalStorage

Delete sp_radio_0.localstorage

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Re: Radio stations

it would be great if you could just delete an old radio station that you no longer need. I look forward to this being updated on Spotify. 

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Delete Radio stations

It sure would be nice to remove a radion stations from the list.  I mistakenly clicked on one I particularly don't like.

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