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Gig Goer
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Registered: ‎12-04-2012

How to change the text / background colour



I find the white text on black background hard to read when using local files. Further some fields like track number are grayed. How can I alter the poor color scheme.



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Re: How to change the text / background colour

You can't, but it's a good idea. How about posting it in the Idea forum?

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Gig Goer
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Registered: ‎14-12-2012

Re: How to change the text / background colour

There is a way of doing it, i have done it as after around 4 or 5 years of constant use i am bored sick of grey, mine is now mostly red, you have to travel deep inside the files and use photoshop but it is very time consuming but worth it (:

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Re: How to change the text / background colour

I've posted a tutorial on how to do that.

Btw Ethan, would you care to share some screenshots of your Spotify skin with us? I'm thrilled to see some other modifications than my own.


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