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How to get my Spotify activity to show on my friends news feed.

A lot of my friends use Spotify on Facebook. When they do, the name of the album along with each song they listened to from that album will show on my news feed. I can't get the songs and albums I listen to to show up on their news feeds, it only shows up on my recent activity on my timeline. Anyone got any ideas?

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Re: How to get my Spotify activity to show on my friends news feed.

Do they have the same settings for you in FB as you do for them? For each person you are friends with you can choose whether to see 'All' news items, 'Only Important' items or 'None'. Perhaps for you they have 'Only Important' selected, plus having lots of other friends and likes, plus perhaps you post several status updates a week, which would mean that they would see less of the 'less important' stuff from you like what you listen to.


FB has many rules that try to determine for you what you would like to see in your feed and in which order - annoying as hell for someone that just wants to see a straight list and control it themselves (like me!)

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Music Lover
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎01-05-2012

Re: How to get my Spotify activity to show on my friends news feed.

They have the same settings as I do. My activity showed up once on their news feed one time so I know their settings are right. I just can't get it to post how I want it to anymore. I've tried numerous things but nothing seems to work. It's very frustrating because it seems so simple yet I can't get it to work.


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