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Remove Web Helper from Autostart

How can it remove the autostart of the webhelper? If i do this for example with Tune Up Utilities, its back in the autostart list immediately.



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Re: Remove Web Helper from Autostart

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You mean this web helper in settings?


You can remove it in no time by using CCleaner or even a Spotify Preferences ( Edit - Preferences).


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Re: Remove Web Helper from Autostart

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I believe Spotify web helper is a separate process that acts as a minimialist web http server. I believe it makes it possible to use the play button and several interactions in the apps. If you remove it I think you will get problem with the web content (apps, play buttons etc.)

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Re: Remove Web Helper from Autostart

Edit -> Preferences -> [untick] Allow Spotify to be started from the Web

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Re: Remove Web Helper from Autostart

Is it normal that this setting reverts to being ON after installing an update?


I really don't want any unnessecary stuff running in the background. Surely registering a URI doesn't need a TSR in the background to work. I mean file, mail and even magnet URIs have never needed a separate background process to work for me.

Music Lover
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Re: Remove Web Helper from Autostart

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I use the free version of Win Patrol and in the Start-up  Programs , I check "Disable " 


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