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Spotify won't start



From 2 or 3 days ago Spotify won't start and only pop up a windows to send a crash report. No error codes.


A tried to uninstall/install but no diference.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Spotify won't start

after running CCcleaner and de fragging i cannot open my premium spotify account, its costing me £10 a month and i need to get it fixed NOW !

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Re: Spotify won't start

Yup same problem here , double clicking spotify icon , little loading thing on the mouse starts. After like 10 sec it stops and nothing happens. Annoying as hell. Ctrl alt Del , I go to processes and it says Spotify.exe * 32 as if its already running , Ive tried to delete the process tree and ive tried reinstalling nothing helps.

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Re: Spotify won't start

Try uninstalling while Windows is in Safe Mode. Then check that after the uninstall the Spotify app cache directory has been removed - normally this is in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Spotify\Storage but you can check your location shown in the Spotify settings page. Then reboot Windows normally and reinstall.

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Re: Spotify won't start

Same problem here.  I can't even uninstall since my latest defrag.  Any suggestions?


Very frustrating.

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Re: Spotify won't start

I had this problem after having to hard reset my PC one time. Spotify would let me login, then the login tune would play for half a second and then the app would vaporize. I cleaned out the AppData and it fixed the problem, my guess is that some file in there got corrupted because of the hard reboot.

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