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Registered: ‎13-04-2012
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Stream Keeps Cutting Out

I had been using the free version of Spotify and noticed that the stream kept getting interrupted (pausing). At first you'd assume a bandwidth issue my end. Unlikely as I am in a City and have a consistent 10mb connection.


Anyway to be sure I tried a well known UK competitor beginning with D and there was no issue streaming from them.


Must be the free service? So I upgraded to unlimited, still getting an interrupted stream!


I followed the uninstall and cache clearing procedure, the reinstalled and still no joy.


Currently I have a Spotify account that is unlistenable (if that is such a word) and I am having to use D(UK) in the meantime.



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Re: Stream Keeps Cutting Out

Hey seaneclark, welcome to the Community.

This could have something to do with your connection, even if the internet is a good 10mb. Spotify will require access in any firewall or antivirus software you have installed. So try giving that a go.
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Concert Regular
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Registered: ‎13-04-2012

Re: Stream Keeps Cutting Out

Thanks Richard, but no anti-virus running on my Mac and Spotify has access via Firewall

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Re: Stream Keeps Cutting Out

Hmm - Have you tried turning off the Firewall temporarily?
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Re: Stream Keeps Cutting Out

Turning off your firewall is just a rediculous suggestion...
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Re: Stream Keeps Cutting Out

Same here
Garage Band
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Re: Stream Keeps Cutting Out

During this last week I'm having trouble with Spotify. I'm a Premium User and if Spotify not soon does something about music pausing all the time, I certainly will skip Spotify.
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Re: Stream Keeps Cutting Out

Same here! getting sick of this. not paying for something that is faulty! either fix it or this app can go kiss my ####! stuff paying for this faulty kak

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Re: Stream Keeps Cutting Out

mine too…but only in the past few days. 

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Re: Stream Keeps Cutting Out

Can I add my +1 to this issue - been happening for the last week.   Start an album playing - will start off then stop - then continue  then stop.  Several times per track.


Some facts, before anyone asks.....


Yes, I've fully inistalled, deleted cache etc etc and re-installed.

I'm on OS X Lion.

I'm a Pro user.

Napster works fine.

Spotify worked great on the same albums till last week.

This is not Firewall related........


I've reported to the usual Spotify support channels, and got the usual response.  


Anyone any ideas?

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