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how do I get friends on Spotify?

How can an windows computer user get friends on Spofify.

Where do I go for this and what specific steps must I take.

Is Spotify mainly for songwriters or listeners?

I wrote a new song at 

and I was told that my music is horrible. I found out

it is on Spotify and I don't know how it got there. I am

looking to find out how to get friends on Spotify and do not

know how to do this. I guess no one friended me so 

perhaps because my music is so bad. 

Please keep this confidential and do not tell anyone.



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Re: how do I get friends on Spotify?


Just navigate yourself to Spotify profile and add to your contact list.
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Re: how do I get friends on Spotify?

Can you make that answer more detailed, please?

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Re: how do I get friends on Spotify?

@abijlg - What are you trying to do exactly? 



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