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Music in Squarespace add?

Does anyone know what the song is in the background of the Squarespace add?

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Re: Music in Squarespace add?

Hi, and welcome to the community!


Although I don't know what song it is, I think the best place to wait for a result would be here:

This is the official video, and several users have commented asking about the song, so hopefully someone might get an answer soon!


Anthony :)

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Re: Music in Squarespace add?

Im pretty sure its from a group called Faded Paper Figures. They're really good. It may be their song "North by North" or "Metropolis". Hope this helped! 

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Re: Music in Squarespace add?

pretty sure it is north by north by faded paper figures. Huge fan of theirs and that commercial has seemed all-too-familiar for too long.

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