Top Contributors Review - June 2014

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jwylot World Tour
Peter Hall of Fame
Marco World Tour
Merik Rising Star
Dinomight Label Star
jeremygoh Rising Star
gprocess Rising Star
MattSuda Label Star
luciantenebrae Garage Band
hpguru Gold Streaming Artist



This month everyone will be receving a month of Premium--all of the top 15 contributors. 


Thanks for your contributions everyone. It's been an amazing month!




Anthony Festival Headliner
SuperWisdom Garage Band
Liam Music Award Nominee
Christoffer Label Star
mechanimal82 Label Star



Two more special mentions...


This month we'd like to extend a big welcome to @vyxl and @Rodluizpant. Both of these guys will be getting a month of Premium too!


Vyxl has been contributing to our Music Chat discussions while Rodluizpant has been dominating the iOS help boards.  He's also responsible for one of our latest Post of the Week


Also, congrats to SuperWisdom for making the Top Contributors list for the first time!





Have a great July everyone and we'll see you here again soon! 



by Gold Streaming Artist 4 weeks ago

Thanks for Premium.


Let's go with another month!

by World Tour 4 weeks ago

Nice work guys. Looking forward to Peter returning from his "holiday" :D

by Rising Star 4 weeks ago
Super excited I got mentioned in a blog post. Thanks for the free month!! I look forward to continue contributing.
by Rising Star 4 weeks ago
You guys rock! Thanks for the free month!
by Label Star mechanimal82 4 weeks ago

An unexpected surprise here. Thanks very much!



Yay for premium!

by World Tour 4 weeks ago

Classic playlist by the way :)

by Label Star gprocess 4 weeks ago

Thanks for the Premium, and yes, that playlist is hilarious (and impressively good)!

by Music Award Nominee 4 weeks ago
Yay, I made the top 15 :) Thanks!
by Rising Star 4 weeks ago

Oh thank you :D

by Label Star jeremygoh 4 weeks ago

@superwisdom @vyxl thumbs up to you two man! see you guys around so often! super!

by Rising Star 4 weeks ago

Yeah thanks for the month of permium and congrats to all as well.

by World Tour 4 weeks ago

Congratulations everyone and welcome to the new contributors! ;)

by Label Star pnc 4 weeks ago

Congratz everyone and welcome to the top 10 @luciantenebrae :). I was too busy to contribute much last month.

by Hall of Fame 4 weeks ago

A little late to the show! Excellent work guys! :D 

by Label Star dinomight 3 weeks ago

Way to go, everyone, and thanks for the premium :) Been seeing @SuperWisdom and @luciantenebrae all over the place, so not suprised you guys made the list!

by Rising Star 3 weeks ago

Thanks dinomight! :)

by Festival Headliner 3 weeks ago

Congrats all, and welcome to the new users! :)

by valval728 2 weeks ago

Under "your music" we, spotify users, should be able to create folders that can hold multiple playlists. Right now, I  have a long list of playlists and I wish there was a better way to organize them. I have multiple rock playlists and if I had the ability to create a folder I could create a rock folder for all of my playlists.  This way on mobile, or desktop, I can easily access all of my rock playlists at once, with out having to search through 50 playlists. 

by Hall of Fame 2 weeks ago

@valval728 - Replied to your other comment. 

by Label Star Merik Tuesday

I'm a little late on this, but congratulations to everyone! :D Thanks again Spotify! :)

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