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Spotify Ideas

New Idea

Hey guys,


in the last few days i found some songs to be in the same playlist twice.

It would be nice if spotify would check the playlist for the song. If it is already in ask "Song already in this Playlist. Would you like to add it anyway? Yes or No".


Second suggestion is to add 2 or 3 shortcuts the user is able to define. Thereby, you don't have to open spotify window to skip a song forward or backward/pause.


In my opinion these two things would be tiny but valuable improvements.


I used to be able to zip through all my songs in my library by ordering them alphabetically by artist. Well the library is gone now, so bullocks to that! Let me please be able to at least alphabetize my playlists! Who cares what order I added them in, if I want to listen to Thelonious Monk, I don't go "When did I add that? It was about a year ago... the leaves were turning red and beginning to fall, so I must have been transition from summer punk to autumn jazz... I had recently discovered a kicky little outfit from Jersey, so I must have added Monk sometime after then, which would place me..." NO NOBODY DOES THAT. WE GO "THELONIOUS MONK...T.... WHERE ARE THE T'S, OH HERE THEY ARE FOUND IT." (or since its a guy's name, it should be under M for Monk, Thelonious... but hey, the library sorting never got that so you can't win em all).


I pay money, please stop making that a painful experience for me. I just want to find my songs with ease. It'd be nice to be able to alphabetize on mobile apps, too.


Dear Spotify


For each song/album/artist add a comment button. Everybody from all over the world can apply information, remarks, suggestions (for other songs/version), or whatever they like.


I personally would use it a lot for for information about a song: for example who did write it originally, to find out whether it is really the original track, or just some interesting facts. But most of all it is fun to see if somebody else in the world gets also very excited from  that beautiful delayed note from Pink Floyd - Dark side of the Moon at 5:44. I think there are a lot of possibilities.


thank you,

I really miss the function to to add my offline files to the 'Your Music' library and see them sorted by album, artist and song like the Spotify Music.
At the moment it is only possible to do this with these offline songs, which are allready available at Spotify but I think of the Offline Songs which are UNAVAILABLE at Spotify (because that's the only reason to synch my offline music: to add songs you can't find online on Spotify!)

Kind regards


Bring Back Starred Playlists System

Status: Not right now
by matthewmspace 3 weeks ago - last edited 3 weeks ago by World Tour

I loved using my starred playlists. It was an easy way for me to favorite songs and cache them for offline use without having to search for them or go through album after album. Removing this in 1.0 is annoying and a poor idea. Bring them back!

Status: Not right now


Hey everyone! We appreciate your feedback around the new Your Music feature. For now we’re going to mark this idea as “Not right now”.


Your Music helps you save, organize and browse your music all in one place—songs, artists, and albums. Now you can click on the “+” sign beside a song to add to Songs within Your Music.


Rest assured your Starred Playlist hasn’t disappeared. You can still add to/ edit it like any other playlist.


Update: We've outlined what we're currently looking into implementing in Your Music right here.  

I love the new ability to save albums and then browse your collection by artist or album. It would be great if you could sort the artists or albums by genre under the 'sorted by' dropdown. So basically I could see all my saved artists but filtered by country music or hip-hop. Know what I'm saying?


Not sure if that's the best way to go about it... 




Status: Duplicate Idea

A similar idea has also been suggested here:


Add your kudos and comments there please! ;)

This is bad, guys!  


Once was the day (last week) you could sort all of your search results by artist, album, length OR popularity simply by clicking on the name of that column in the full search results view.  


It's even mentioned in a "Solution" from last week.


Now, the column headings are unresponsive and there is now way to group the results of your search, like when you want to see different versions of the same song by one artist:


New Search Results


There seems to be some problems w/ the search function in other aspects of the redesign so perhaps a fix is in the works?


Spotify's greatest strength is the diversity of music accessible but people enjoy it in different ways, not just by popularity.


Please bring back sorting in search results!  This is big hole!

Status: New Idea

This is what I wrote to Spotify support, but want to know community opinion on that as well:


I got into a bit of a problem by using your software. Idea of tagging a tracks with a star so quickly (not anymore) got me into a point, where I have more than 600 tracks on Starred playlist. With tracks from very different genres for different moods, situations etc., just selecting tracks I like at the moment in one place. But it's too much to handle now. 


I tried to divide it into smaller playlists by genre - impossible and time consuming, as you know in those times is hard to tag a track with one specific genre. Not dividing by genre, it's not an easy task too, as in that way you'll have to put one tracks in several playlist sometimes - also time consuming and pointless actually. Delete everything and start over - not an option too, as I still want to keep my collection untouched and in one place, as I'm not a fan of having tons of playlists. I decided I'll just use search bar for shrinking my playlist into specific artist or whatever, but it's still not what I want. Best solution I came up with is to put another tag on tracks - genre tag.


It doesn't have to be public, you can assign tags into tracks or group of tracks in playlist, doesn't have to be necessarily genre - either you can type any tag you want (but it won't be possible to put such tagging accessible to public) or either genre tag with tons and tons of sub-genres. In that way, when I want to listen chill out music with rock, I'll just filter my playlist with two tags: Chill-out and Rock (by putting hashtag before genre name in playlist search bar maybe?). It's basically searching in your playlist with more than one filter, but only three tags (track, artist, album) are not enough. Genre tag would fit perfectly to this composition. In that way you don't have to control it directly, you can either let other users decide into whatever genre/tag they can put tracks they selected and keep it private, or public it and let users tag tracks by genres by themselves.


Statistics could be generated for specific artist, their albums and tracks by reading tags from users playlists (and showing maximum 3 to 5 mostly used tags, as some individuals can go crazy and track a jazz track with moombathon). Maybe you have a policy for not putting one genre tags on a tracks (as it can be controversial in those times), I can understand that, but multi-tagging tracks by sub-genres, by users, for users, making them access more music more quickly, by searching not by specific artists, but for music they like at the moment.


Pretty sweet isn't it? I know there is a radio already for that, but trust me - it's totally different thing. Also people who are not familiar with music genres, can learn in what genres their favorite artist are making music. But it can't be in a way that Beatport is doing it - it's killing music scene. You can renovate it. Please tell me what you think about it, either you'll like it or not - just want to know if my idea was even heard and considered. Thank you in advance for reading.



Status: Duplicate Idea

A similar idea has also been suggested here:

https://community.spotify.com/t5/Spotify-Ideas/Tag-Music/idi-p/57185 and


Add your kudos and comments there please! ;)


View mode (& font size)

Status: New Idea
by joppiz 2 weeks ago

I know font sizes have been suggested before, but I'd like to press on it a bit more. I like the new user-friendly design, but I'm not a big fan of the default font size being bigger with no alternatives. I would very much like to see a button in the top right corner for alternative view modes and font sizes, similar to how the Windows 7 explorer handles view modes.


Attached an illustrated example.

Status: New Idea

In Radio the buttons for Thumbs Down/Thumbs Up is in the reverse of what's normally seen in pretty much everything else. The Thumbs Up button is usually on the left and Thumbs Down is on the right, but it's the opposite here.


It currently looks like this:


It should look like this:


Here's some examples of this order in other applications.

Google Music:


Steam Community:

Status: New Idea



The new white text on black design physically hurts my eyes and gives very bad ghosting (i.e. persistent image like those in optical illusions that make you stare at particular color combinations and then look away). I know I'm not the only one with this issue because I've researched it in the past. Without an option to switch back to the old design (White background/black text), I'll need to delete my Spotify account and find another service. Please add an option to switch between the two (because I know many prefer black backgrounds). Myself and a host of others, however, cannot use these color combinations. Please let me know if there is a work-around; it would be much appreciated. It's basically unusable to me in it's current state. :(




Hi everybody 


How many times i have unsynchronised my playlist and did not want.... the button is so large that every body could make a mistake... and when there are no wifi we have no songs to listen....

so please ask for confirmation when we want to cancel the synchronisation of a song or play list....







Hello Community,


I am using Spotify for years now and i find the desktop client for windows has been going in the wrong direction.


With the latest update it has really become kind of annoying. My problem is that on my 21' Diplay with a resolution of 1680 by 1050 i am forced to constantly scroll through the menu on the left and also, with the enormous spaces between the lines, on the main view of titles in my playlists.


So i suggest that you let the user choose if he wants the new look for let's say his touchscreen enabled device (where it would make very much sense) and a much more narrow lined desktop version.

An while i m at it: it would be very nice if i could change the colors of the text an the background to my liking.

Status: New Idea

Marked as new idea. This idea will focus solely on an option to decrease the spacing - you might also want to add your kudos to a similar idea about changing the size of all elements here. ;)


Star and Save coexisting?

Status: New Idea
by thrasbarg 2 weeks ago - last edited a week ago

I used to star songs as a way to be able to, at a quick glance, see what were my favourite tracks on an album or in a playlist while scrolling through or just browsing around my playlists or artists profile pages. It used to be a fun and easy way to help myself remeber what tracks I liked. It used to be a great aid in remebering and (re)discover great music.

I used to. It used to.

Why can't Star and Save coexist next to each other?

Although the starred playlist is still there, it really doesn't do anything anymore now does it? I've longed for the Your Music feature for so long because I want to be able to save albums and actually have them sorted by artist in an easy and attractive way. But I think it was a big mistake removing the starring feature and thinking Your Music would replace it rather than compliment each other.

Status: New Idea


Marked as new idea. This idea requests to see the "+" icon for saving to Your Music and the star icon at the same time, to have an easy way to save your songs to both functions.

I really liked the option to tap the album art and instantly get the option to go to the album of that song, to quickly discover more from that artist. Now that feature is hidden under sub-menus. 


Why was this feature removed? 

Status: Duplicate Idea

A similar idea has also been suggested here:


Add your kudos and comments there please! ;)

I, and a lot of other people really dislikes the choise to remove the Star-button. The reasons are many, "Your music" doesn't have the functions I used in Star, and other people used it in many different ways. But there's an extremly easy way to fix this:

Make an option where you can choose if you want the Star- or the Save-button!


This is such an obvious choise, that I can't understand why you havent already implemented it. My first reaction when I found out that the Star-button was removed, was to go looking for this option. In my head it was obvious that when you remove a feature/system, you make it optional to bring it back. You could have done the same with the look, and avoided people from being angry with your new look. I'm not to fond of that either, but that I can live with.


If you are smart, you can even let it be a multiple choise option; where you can choose if you want a Star-button, Save-button, neither or both.

Status: New Idea

Marked as new idea. This idea requests to have a choice between the "+" sign for Your Music or the old Star sign and its functionality. You might also want to add your kudos to a similar idea about bringing the starred playlist system back here. ;)

 I was wondering if there is any way to add Broadway or Musical Theatre category to the "Genres & Moods" list or other lists of this type. It would be very nice as it doesn't really fit into the other areas. Thanks a lot!

Right now even if many songs are highlighted the plus button only adds them one-at-a-time.


I used to star all my favorite music (I'm very happy the "Your Music" feature has replaced that need). Now I want to send all of my starred and playlisted music into "Your Music" but it seems like I have to add the songs one by one. I want to just highlight them all using the shift key or "ctrl (or cmd) + A" and click the plus button and have them all go over. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Status: New Idea

Bring back the library

Status: New Idea
by EdLetts 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago by World Tour

First off I hate when you are paying for a product and an "upgrade" removes functionality. I use the library function all the time and I'm not happy it's gone. Yes I've read all the work arounds but why should I? If My Songs is supposed to be the replacement why did you start it out empty? I dumped Rhapsody 2012 and came here when they started screwing with a product I liked and I guess it's time to move again.

Status: New Idea

Marked as new idea and edited the title from "No Library?" to rephrase it as an idea/request and not a question.

This idea requests to bring back the library function where you can view all your songs, including local files. It has been replaced by Your Music.


Zoom options to change the size of all elements

Status: New Idea
by Deleted 3 weeks ago - last edited 3 weeks ago by World Tour

Zoom options to change all elements, including text size, spacing, etc.

It would be nice to have some zoom options to change the text size in the desktop application. It could be separate options for the sidebar and the main screen.

Status: New Idea

Marked as new idea and edited the idea a bit according to the comments to apply the zoom also on the other elements. Since we already have an idea for only adjustable text-size here. ;)

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