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Student discount in Sweden

Status: New Idea
by frias a week ago


After seeing that you recently added a generous student discount for US college students, I wanted in!


I think that being able to subscribe to Spotify for half the price (49 SEK) would convert a lot of free subscribing students to paying customers. This would be a popular discount!


I have contacted the Swedish student discount organizations(Studentkortet and Mecenat), but I recommend students to contact your own students' union and link to this idea. Maybe we can actually make this happen!


Showing this kind of love for students is great! Horray for US students and kudos to Spotify! <3

Status: New Idea

Spotify's playlist YMCMB is a prime example of why there needs to be a universal On/Off switch for Explicit content. That playlist has a mixture of explicit and clean songs, which is anoying. Honestly, very anoying. -It would be cool to opt out a single song or playlist if I'd ever prefer to be clean... it happens some times.

Status: Duplicate Idea

As mentioned, a similar idea has also been suggested here:

Add your kudos and comments there please! ;)

I know such idea has already been proposed, and got many kudos, and I know that even though it was first proposed in 2012 the clear queue feature is not there yet, since according to Spotify it can be implemented through ugly workarounds (e.g. playing an empty playlist). 


I'm publishing a new idea for underlying that any proposed workaround simply won't work in some cases (especially, in my case, on Android client, and probably even on iOS and Web player),  and therefore a solution would be needed in order to prevent unpleasant usage scenarios. 


Imagine you are browsing your playlists on your mobile device, and clicking on the contextual menu of one of them you accidentally click on "Queue" instead of, for instance, "Radio" or "Share". Also imagine that playlist contains 400 tracks or more. You would be quite screwed then, since:


1. You have no "Clear queue" button


2. Playing any other playlist, album or artist won't clear the queue, since those tracks were explicitly added to it


3. Forcing the app to stop and restarting it, or even rebooting the device, won't clear the queue 


4. Any valid workaround for desktop clients (e.g. Select all -> right click -> delete) won't apply to mobile clients 


It sounds like the only solutions would either be to listen to all of the queue (!!!), or clicking "next - next - next" again and again until the queue empties, or clicking on the contextual menu of each of the tracks and then remove. Of course, all of these solutions are quite unacceptable, and developing a "Clear Queue" button doesn't technically sound as rocket science (and it's been asked for 2 years). 

Status: New Idea

Marked as new idea. This idea requests to have a clear queue button on all platforms, also for the manually queued songs.

One great stuff in Deezer. No need for cache on mobile app, only Online streaming on the phone. You can have more space for more important things like photos and videos. Why to use cache if you can make playlist as Premium user Offline if needed or just sream with 3G/4G? I want option to settings when user can disable cache when no need.


Really my 4G LTE or 3G DC or 3G can stream any stuff without problems and no need to fill phone with cache as my internal memory is limited. Thank you.


Netflix also works without cache. Why cache, it's no needed.

Status: New Idea

Bring Back Starred Playlists System

Status: Not right now
by matthewmspace on ‎02-04-2014 05:20 PM - last edited on ‎03-04-2014 01:53 AM by World Tour

I loved using my starred playlists. It was an easy way for me to favorite songs and cache them for offline use without having to search for them or go through album after album. Removing this in 1.0 is annoying and a poor idea. Bring them back!

Status: Not right now


Hey everyone! We appreciate your feedback around the new Your Music feature. For now we’re going to mark this idea as “Not right now”.


Your Music helps you save, organize and browse your music all in one place—songs, artists, and albums. Now you can click on the “+” sign beside a song to add to Songs within Your Music.


Rest assured your Starred Playlist hasn’t disappeared. You can still add to/ edit it like any other playlist.


Update: We've outlined what we're currently looking into implementing in Your Music right here.  

Right now the biggest issue I have with using spotify on my Phone is that due to limited storage when I am going somewhere that I know is not going to have cell/wifi I need to spend time syncing some of my items down for offline play.  The primary issue is that I can't reliably know what is going to put me over the current storage limit of my phone, or any idea how much space any specific song/playlist would take up.


If we were able to see this information, based off the currently selected quality setting, then it would become massively easier for me to choose what I want and don't want to sync to my phone.


Even a simple start such as the ability to see the size of a specific playlist would be great.

Status: New Idea

Your Music: Make it harder to remove music

Status: New Idea
by fredrikss yesterday - last edited yesterday

It is way too easy to delete music from the (otherwise perfect) "Your Music" section. One unattended click and something goes missing. This is especially true for the album section, where the play button is half a centimeter from the remove button. Obviously one can add the song/album again but it is an annoyance and it is possible to miss what gets deleted (e.g. when changing to the Spotify window by clicking on it).


I would love to see a change that makes it harder to remove songs and albums from "Your Music". For example any of:


* A discreet delete confirmation.

* A section wide "delete state" button, which, when clicked, enables deletes with a fast single click. (I.e. enables a delete mode where one easily can delete a lot of music.)

* A regret function that brings back deleted music.


Thanks for a great (and hopefully soon even better) piece of software and service!

Status: New Idea

This is similar to a few other suggestions, but I wanted to make my specific concerns clear. 


The way I prefer to use my music library is to sort songs by artist, so I'm very, very, very much not a fan of the interface where I have to  either scroll through all that bulky artwork to get to a specific song by a specific artist in the "artist" tab (and then deal with the distracting artist cutaway screen that you have to backspace from), or use the "songs" tab which is uselessly only organized by date added. I just want to be able to scroll, through a list of songs, organized by artist--and I'm sure others want to by album--in a clean, simple way. I've been using Spotify WAY less since I started using the web player, due to these frustrations. And it bums me out beause I was counting on Spotify to be my source of music after getting a Chromebook and losing my personal music library. 


I do really like the "My Music" whole idea; it's pretty much how I was using "Starred" tracks anyway. But is it that difficult to let us sort the way we want to? I get it, I get it, Not Right Now. 


Status: New Idea

Marked as new idea and edited the title a bit to make it clearer and easier to find via search. ;)


Add support for Google ChromeCast

Status: Not right now
by Arjen82 ‎24-07-2013 09:51 PM - edited ‎24-03-2014 07:55 AM

Will you be adding support to the ChromeCast that Google announced today? Would be great to be able to easily stream music from all my devices to my receiver and tv.


Please see the Api information here:


Update: implementing ChromeCast is superior to using the Chrome browser plugin to move a tab with the Spotify web interface to your TV for multiple reasons. Most importantly:

 - You can stream higher fidelity

 - You can stream from every device, not only from a computer/laptop

 - You can control from multiple devices (so if I leave the room my wife can control Spotify with her phone)


If implemented correctly this would match the functionality of Sonos for a much lower price.


Update February 4th 2014: Okay, so Google has released the SDK now. Please start working on the functionality or at the very minimum give an update to the status...


Update February 19th 2014: 2,000 kudos, hundreds of replies (with more than a handful of cancelations). Apparently Spotify Germany has confirmed Chromecast support is coming. An update would be nice


Update March 24th 2014: 2,500 kudos and still no update. Cancelled my subscription today. Sorry, but if you don't listen to your paying customers we will have to speak with our wallets.

Status: Not right now
Hello everyone. The request for ChromeCast has become uncommonly popular since the product was launched so we're currently having discussions about how best to implement this. However, due to several prevailing priorities we're going to have to say "not right now" to this idea. Please subscribe to this thread for updates since the status will likely change when we're ready to implement ChromeCast support. [Update - March 27th, 2014] Thanks for the votes and comments! We're listening but don't have an update just yet. Please continue to show your support and stay updated in this thread.

Hi.  This is a pretty simple request.  I think.  Can you please add the ability for me to balance the audio between left and right.  I have very poor hearing in one ear, and I need to adjust the volume.  Samsung's music player has a setting called "Adaptive Sound".  While this is a really cool thing, your solution doesn't need to be so complex.  A simple right/left balance would be perfect.  I am surprised this doesn't exist, as it has been standard on audio equipment for decades.  

Status: New Idea
Status: Watch this space

2014-05-07 Hey everyone. This idea is now "Watch this space".


We're excited to announce Spotify Free for mobile will also be arriving on Windows Phone. You can read more about Window Phone updates this spring right here. Keep an eye on the Community for timeline/ news updates.

It would be great if Spotify could analyze your Playlists or most often played songs and automitcally notify you that the artist is playing by. They could send you a link to get tickets to the show, and Spotify could take an affiliate commission for the ticket.


Currently you can go to an artist page and the app shows you nearby shows, however this is cumbersom and requires you to look up individual artists to see shows.


Spotify often plays in the background for me and therefore I'm not looking at the Artist page. 


Let's get this ball rolling!

Status: New Idea

Bring Back Sorting in Search Results

Status: Not right now
by doughertyp on ‎17-04-2014 02:18 PM

This is bad, guys!  


Once was the day (last week) you could sort all of your search results by artist, album, length OR popularity simply by clicking on the name of that column in the full search results view.  


It's even mentioned in a "Solution" from last week.


Now, the column headings are unresponsive and there is now way to group the results of your search, like when you want to see different versions of the same song by one artist:


New Search Results


There seems to be some problems w/ the search function in other aspects of the redesign so perhaps a fix is in the works?


Spotify's greatest strength is the diversity of music accessible but people enjoy it in different ways, not just by popularity.


Please bring back sorting in search results!  This is big hole!

Status: Not right now
2014-05-22 Thanks for your kudos everyone--we appreciate your feedback and comments around the search function. However at the moment we need to mark this as "Not Right Now". We can assure you we're passing on your votes and comments on this subject internally here at Spotify. Keep your feedback coming and we will notify you right here the moment we have any updates on searching in Spotify.



The new white text on black design physically hurts my eyes and gives very bad ghosting (i.e. persistent image like those in optical illusions that make you stare at particular color combinations and then look away). I know I'm not the only one with this issue because I've researched it in the past. Without an option to switch back to the old design (White background/black text), I'll need to delete my Spotify account and find another service. Please add an option to switch between the two (because I know many prefer black backgrounds). Myself and a host of others, however, cannot use these color combinations. Please let me know if there is a work-around; it would be much appreciated. It's basically unusable to me in it's current state. :(




Status: Not right now


Hey everyone! Thanks for your feedback surrounding Spotify's new look. For now this idea is being marked as "Not Right Now".


Please know we're continuing to bring your feedback on the new design and your desire for a UI color toggle to the right people at Spotify. If we have an update for this idea we will post here first. Thanks!

We have gapless playback for files in the Spotify online library, and crossfade (1-12s), but any gapless albums added locally still don't play correctly - gapless just doesn't appear to have any effect, and the closest option is a 1 second crossfade.


Please save our ears from terrible jankiness for gapless albums and compilations :)

Status: Duplicate Idea

A similar idea has also been suggested here:

Add your kudos and comments there please! ;)

I would love to be able to link certain songs, so that when I shuffle my playlist, they always stay together. For example, if I hear Queen's "We Will Rock You", I expect to hear "We Are The Champions" next. Same with Led Zeppelin's "Heartbreaker"/"Living Loving Maid", etc., etc.
Status: Duplicate Idea

As mentioned, a similar idea has also been suggested here:

Add your kudos and comments there please! ;)


Accept dogecoin for payment for premuim

Status: New Idea
by nmek 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago

I would like to pay for premium with dogecoin.


Dogecoin is a crypto-currency similar to bitcoin and is easy to intigrate into spotify using a service called gocoin.


Dogecoin uses less fees then using a credit card or paypal.


Members of the dogecoin community will be influenced to use spotify over competitors.



Read all the reddit comments here

Status: New Idea

The activity feed is one of the few features that makes Spotify stand out over other music players. With your latest update, it has unfortunately been hidden under a menu button. I loved being able to see what my friends were playing while having my own queue in sight as well. Constantly having to toggle between the two just sucks... I hope you'll restore the old functionality soon.

Status: New Idea

This may be far fetched, but what about adding a setting for allowing full screen album art without (or timer) sleeping? I use Spotify in my car more than anything and it's displayed on my in-dash screen. I might be the only person doing this but I think it would look nice not only in my car but on my other devices to have full screen ablum art.

Status: Duplicate Idea

A similar idea has also been suggested here:

Add your kudos and comments there please! ;)


View mode (& font size)

Status: Not right now
by joppiz on ‎10-04-2014 11:29 AM

I know font sizes have been suggested before, but I'd like to press on it a bit more. I like the new user-friendly design, but I'm not a big fan of the default font size being bigger with no alternatives. I would very much like to see a button in the top right corner for alternative view modes and font sizes, similar to how the Windows 7 explorer handles view modes.


Attached an illustrated example.

Status: Not right now
2014-06-18 Hey folks! We're here to let you know this idea is currently "Not right now". The moment we have an update regarding font sizes in the desktop app we will post in this thread. For now please continue giving your kudos and comments here in the Community. Thanks everyone!
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