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As the title states, Spotify has no account verification or any form of proper security when an account is hijacked.


When an outsider gains access to you account they can without any notice change your email address and password.


And when you contact support to recover the lost account they ask for verification of 4 digit CC card, Zip and date of birth. But this inofrmation is readily available in plain text for the hijacker too. So when the support staff resets the ownership of the account the hijacker can contact support and ask for retrival of the account using the same information.


Thus creating a cycle of ownership. This is honestly [curse word] mindboggling stupid system for a paid subscription service.


Request: Please secure your costumers accounts further with verification email at profile alteration - not all changes are neccessary - Payment info, email and password should be verified. 

Status: New Idea



I think that a nice feature should be a play button from the search menu, I've created a mockup so you can get the idea. I find myself frustrated at times that I have to go to the album and find the song and then click play, would be nice if you could play it straight from the search thingy.


Let me know what you think, thanks.

Status: New Idea

There are a lot of playlists independently managed which make playlists for genre specific categories, etc.


But what if spotify just searched my followed artists for new releases and then generated a user specific playlist.


Doesn't seem like it would be that hard. I just want to know when artists I follow release music (which I'm currently not notified of).

Exactly as the title says. It would be real awesome if you could create a play-pause-forward-back and song info widget for Notification Center in iOS 8 using the new APIs. It would be sort of similar to how the Android widget in notifications when you close the app.
Status: New Idea

I follow over 100 playlists, many tracks exist in more than one playlist. When I listen to a song in a playlist and I switch to another list, all songs in the list get marked as "heard" (blue dot disappears), which is a good thing. But the same track again is marked as "unheard" in all other playlists.

To have more control about which particular track has already been played or marked as heard, it would be better to mark this song as heard across all playlists you follow. This way you avoid listening to a song twice when checking your playlists and don't waste time.

If you start playing a playlist and navigate away from it, there is no way to know which playlist is currently playing if you don't remember the name. 

I'd like to view the currently playing playlist name and be able to navigate to it (once in there I can store it, etc).


Add support for Google ChromeCast

Status: Not right now
by Arjen82 ‎24-07-2013 09:51 PM - edited ‎24-03-2014 07:55 AM

Will you be adding support to the ChromeCast that Google announced today? Would be great to be able to easily stream music from all my devices to my receiver and tv.


Please see the Api information here:


Update: implementing ChromeCast is superior to using the Chrome browser plugin to move a tab with the Spotify web interface to your TV for multiple reasons. Most importantly:

 - You can stream higher fidelity

 - You can stream from every device, not only from a computer/laptop

 - You can control from multiple devices (so if I leave the room my wife can control Spotify with her phone)


If implemented correctly this would match the functionality of Sonos for a much lower price.


Update February 4th 2014: Okay, so Google has released the SDK now. Please start working on the functionality or at the very minimum give an update to the status...


Update February 19th 2014: 2,000 kudos, hundreds of replies (with more than a handful of cancelations). Apparently Spotify Germany has confirmed Chromecast support is coming. An update would be nice


Update March 24th 2014: 2,500 kudos and still no update. Cancelled my subscription today. Sorry, but if you don't listen to your paying customers we will have to speak with our wallets.

Status: Not right now
Hello everyone. The request for ChromeCast has become uncommonly popular since the product was launched so we're currently having discussions about how best to implement this. However, due to several prevailing priorities we're going to have to say "not right now" to this idea. Please subscribe to this thread for updates since the status will likely change when we're ready to implement ChromeCast support. [Update - March 27th, 2014] Thanks for the votes and comments! We're listening but don't have an update just yet. Please continue to show your support and stay updated in this thread.

Bring back the "New releases on Spotify" playlist

Status: New Idea
by bobafett90210 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago by Rising Star jordi12100

When Spotify first started, there was a playlist for new releases that updated each Tuesday.  Now, that list is abandoned in the form of just a singles collection that does not include all re-issues and new releases.  


For the sake of following and finding new artists, please return to using and updating the new release playlist!

Status: New Idea

Edited title to make it better searchable.


Bring Back Starred Playlists System

Status: Not right now
by matthewmspace on ‎02-04-2014 05:20 PM - last edited on ‎03-04-2014 01:53 AM by World Tour

I loved using my starred playlists. It was an easy way for me to favorite songs and cache them for offline use without having to search for them or go through album after album. Removing this in 1.0 is annoying and a poor idea. Bring them back!

Status: Not right now


Hey everyone! We appreciate your feedback around the new Your Music feature. For now we’re going to mark this idea as “Not right now”.


Your Music helps you save, organize and browse your music all in one place—songs, artists, and albums. Now you can click on the “+” sign beside a song to add to Songs within Your Music.


Rest assured your Starred Playlist hasn’t disappeared. You can still add to/ edit it like any other playlist.


Update: We've outlined what we're currently looking into implementing in Your Music right here.  


Kudos System Update for User Ideas

Status: Case Closed
by Andrews32 on ‎21-08-2014 01:33 AM - last edited 2 weeks ago


Final edit: I can't see the kudos box anymore for my idea. This didn't happen immediately after it was declared "closed," as several kudos came in afterward. Either way, I hope that you all take Spotify's advice and tweet their handle below and let them know: You're sick of Spotify's poor customer service and unwillingness to actually change it. 



Mod edit: Removed links/suggestions to contact a personal account. The best way to contact Spotify on this, or any other issue/question, is right here on the Community, through our contact form, or over Twitter by contacting If you receive an automated response directing you to the Community, please respond directly to that email.


[RESPONSE TO MOD EDIT] I wanted to update people regarding the message above, so it doesn't look like I was doing something creepy/unwarranted as the message suggests.


Frustrated at this being declared closed without anything being resolved, I included the Twitter handle to the Spotify executive responsible for customer service, suggesting to people that the company line of the forum being the best place to contact Spotify is clearly not true. This wasn't, as the guidelines state "racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive language that could be considered detrimental to other users, or Spotify employees or moderators," it was merely a summation of the repeated frustrations mentioned below by thousands of subscribers.


The link to her account was removed, even though it was not, as stated above, a personal account (i.e., using her name, but not identifying her with Spotify and/or set to private). She clearly noted her Spotify employment and tweeted almost exclusively about the company. When the moderators first removed it, they left in her name and information. 


I edited the post again, this time including a link to Google, which would show her Twitter account as the top result. This was something anyone could have done with the information the previous mod left in the post, I just saved them a click. The result was the edit above, and also the threat of a temporary ban for breaking the community guidelines. 


I responded to Spotify how I had clearly not broken the guidelines, and that the person in charge of Spotify's customer service has a profile on the Spotify page and has allowed business websites to do numerous profiles of her, all containing far more information about her than I included in my post. She even puts her Spotify email and phone number on press releases (that is, her company information. No personal information whatsoever).


Spotify has told me that if I post any of that information on the forums (which is publicly available and released by the company itself), I would be banned. I've asked them to explain how that makes even the slightest amount of sense and have yet to hear back. 


But I think one thing is clear, the more kudos and attention we can get to this thread, the more likely Spotify will be to act and finally be responsive to subscribers who are asking for the most basic customer service. 


[UPDATE] In response to Spotify's response at the bottom:


"Case Closed"? Seriously? I guess the risk we run asking for the community managers to do more work in a forum run by the community managers sets the bar high for actually seeing results. Instead of actually being held accountable for responding (albeit only for the biggest outliers of ideas, meaning very little actual work), you think this case is closed because you've explained your vague idea categories in more detail? Let's look at what you've written:


"The Community team talks with various other Spotify teams several times a month about the ideas that have over 100 kudos. It’s from these meetings that we apply one of the following statuses to each idea: 


Good Idea, Give It Some Kudos - We like this idea. A decision has not been made but we want to see how much the Community continues to vote on it.

Not Right Now - We talked about this internally and it’s not on our timeline for the next few months or more.

Under Consideration - We are now talking about this internally. It’s in the pipeline.

Watch This Space - This feature is coming. We have a rough timeline for its release.

Implemented - This feature has rolled out."


So, you think it's OK that Chromecast has had the idea of "not right now" for over a year? Do you realize how much wiggle room these categories give you? So we can't expect updates for the next few months...or more. That's great. One day I'm going to go to be a millionaire. It won't be now, but in the next few months, or more, I'm sure I will, with a rock solid timeline like that!


"Under consideration" means it's been discussed. Wow! I can't believe you haven't actually moved on to discussing Chromecast internally, when every competitor has managed to implement it or announce a timeline for it. Even companies with very few devs and resources have managed to do it, plus all the real companies out there. Which is Spotify? Apparently not even on the level of the upstarts, let alone the "real" companies.


"For a variety of reasons, we can't always implement everything suggested by the community. However, the main topic on everyone's minds seems to be Chromecast. We're investigating possibilities regarding the Chromecast topic and we hope to have an update as early as next week."


Did you actually read this idea? I didn't once say we wanted to implement everything in the community, that'd be ludicrous and asinine. I very specifically laid out guidelines for how a real company might try to respond to the most extreme outliers of customer enthusiasm with minimal work for Spotify. Apparently that was way too much to ask. 


And I know I used Chromecast as an example, but my main point is that Spotify is horrible at communicating anything at all to paying subscribers, and that sentiment has turned many people to actively dislike the company. We're talking in the thousands, and I'd think the company would be embarrassed it's gone on this long and might want to actually spend resources to figure it out. 


Remember when you deleted search history for months and couldn't even acknowledge whether it was a bug or would ever be replaced?


Remember when Spotify suffered a hack and still hasn't explained exactly what happened or why it would take an entirely new app to patch the programmers' mistakes?


This is a long-standing problem with Spotify, with an embarrassing lack of customer service, and a complete disconnent between developers and community managers. The fact that Spotify considers this case "closed" without any real action only shows the company isn't ready to acknowledge something that thousands of customers have already realized. 


Please continue to comment and kudos this thread if you want Spotify to act like a real company and treat customers with respect. Do you think once they go through an IPO, the original team becomes millionaires, and they're beholden to explaining finances to shareholders they're going to start caring about customers? It's only going to get worse.


Hi Spotify,


Here's my idea: stop ignoring paying customers. You might think this is a vague, unforceable idea to suggest, so let's make it actionable (unless you choose to ignore this, as well)! Here we go: 


You post a monthly ideas review. Good idea! Let's check out the latest version: 


You implemented two ideas from the forums. Great! Let's take a closer look. 


"Add an entire album to an exisiting playlist [Android]."


This was posted 4/4/13. It got 58 kudos. So, from posting to implementation, it got less than 4 kudos a month. Frankly, people didn't care much about this. Let's check the other implemented idea...


"Only show available playlists whilst offline."


This was posted 2/22/12. It got 121 kudos. That's about 4 kudos a month over the lifetime of the post. Once again, people really didn't care that much about it. 


Now, this wouldn't be a bad system if most other ideas had similar kudos levels! But a quick look shows something far different (and you'll find a similar trend if you comb through implemented ideas in previous monthly reviews).


I know you're waiting for it, so let's take a peek at the Chromecast thread...


"Add support for Google ChromeCast"


It was posted 13 months ago. It has, as of this writing 5,424 kudos. That's around 417 kudos per month. That's about 14 kudos per day over the course of more than a year. So it's roughly 100 times more popular than the two ideas you proudly highlighted in your ideas review. What kind of feedback has Spotify given on Chromecast?


"Hello everyone. The request for ChromeCast has become uncommonly popular since the product was launched so we're currently having discussions about how best to implement this. However, due to several prevailing priorities we're going to have to say "not right now" to this idea. Please subscribe to this thread for updates since the status will likely change when we're ready to implement ChromeCast support."


OK, this was a pretty quick reply, noting how "uncommonly popular" the idea was. But telling us to continue to kudos seemed like a good idea at the time, if you're implementing ideas with only 58 kudos, surely you're work quickly to update us on an idea with thousands! 


Then Spotify went dark for months, continuing to be silent while kudos accrued. Finally, the person who started the idea quit Spotify in March, disgusted that a paying customer would be treated so poorly (along with his thousands of like-minded compadres). That prompted Spotify to respond!


"[Update - March 27th, 2014] Thanks for the votes and comments! We're listening but don't have an update just yet. Please continue to show your support and stay updated in this thread."


You're welcome, Spotify! Are you really listening? Because that post came nearly a year after the post was started and you haven't told us if you're even planning on implementing it! 


Since that update five months ago, we haven't heard anything from Spotify. Dozens of people have quit Spotify, appalled a company that values itself in the BILLIONS doesn't even have proper customer support staff (but hey, if you're willing to work for free months of service, they'd love to have you!). 


We see Spotify tout ideas that no one cares about, and ignore ones people care about a bunch, but just HOW "uncommonly popular" is the Chromecast request? Well, it seems the next highest kudos for an idea that hasn't been implemented in some way goes to "Spotify for game consoles," which has gotten about 86 kudos per month since it was started in February 2012. 


That's right, the next most requested feature is less than a quarter as popular, per month, as Chromecast. Obviously, every single other idea in this forum is demonstrably less requested than Chromecast by a VAST margin.


I know this was a long-winded set up, but a lot can happen in a year, huh? So here's an idea so simple a Spotify developer could implement it (I kid, I kid): 


Use the kudos system like it actually means something. 


Once an idea goes above 2,000 kudos, or reaches 1,000 kudos in less than a year, it's updated monthly by Spotify staff. This might be a token response to encourage continued kudos, but it will show the community you haven't forgotten about us. 


Once an idea goes above 3,000 kudos, it's highlighted in the monthly ideas review in a "Top Ideas" section. Additional explanations are given for what the current status of the project is and a TIMELINE is given for implementation, or difficulties that preclude implementation. This would not be burdensome, there are basically no current ideas at this level that aren't implemented in some fashion.


Once an idea goes above 5,000 kudos, it gets WEEKLY updates from the staff. It gets a CLEAR explanation for when and if the idea can be implemented, such as technical or contractual considerations. I know weekly updates would take minutes of work, but I think it would be warranted for such outliers. I doubt your customer would disagree. 


There you go: this is not a lot to ask. At most, there are a dozen total ideas that fit this criteria. I know, it would actually mean paid staff would have to interact with us commoners and developers might have to come up with a timeline more specific than "the future," but I challenge any Spotify executive to read the Chromecast thread and not feel absolutely ashamed at the (well-deserved!) attitude hundreds, if not thousands, of customers have toward the company. 


So let's make this a top idea and force Spotify to actually use this kudos system, or stop pretending the actual paying customers have any impact.


Status: Case Closed

Hello everyone.


We've drafted a more detailed description of how feedback reaches Spotify over here. Previously, we've outlined how we review ideas internally over here but we felt that some clarification was obviously needed.


For a variety of reasons, we can't always implement everything suggested by the community. However, the main topic on everyone's minds seems to be Chromecast. We're investigating possibilities regarding the Chromecast topic and we hope to have an update as early as next week. Stay tuned.


The Spotify Community Team

I love the ability to have gapless plyback between tracks but sometimes i want to switch to another track in the middle of the one currently playing. Maybe an option via the "right click menu" to start a song by crossfading it?
Status: Duplicate Idea

Hi and welcome to the community!
A similar idea is already posted in the community:
Please add your kudos and support there.

I'm a Community Rock Star

Spotify currently have student discount in the UK and US, which entitles students to 50% off the cost of Spotify Premium. As a UK student, this is great for me but I feel it is a little unfair on students in all of the other countries which have Spotify. There are plenty of ideas about bringing student discount to loads of different countries, but I don't get why Spotify doesn't take the easy route and partner with ISIC.


For anyone who doesn't know about International Student Identification Card:





Lots of other big companies already use ISIC to verify student status in 133 countries!:


So Spotify, what do you say!?

Status: New Idea

[WP8] Bring Spotify Free to Windows Phone

Status: Implemented
by philk on ‎11-12-2013 04:40 PM
Status: Implemented

Hello everyone,


As of yesterday, Windows Phone owners can enjoy access to millions of songs across their smartphones for free. Listen to all your playlists, discover new music, or simply sit back and dig into your favourite artist’s entire back catalogue.


We’re also introducing a series of additional improvements throughout the app. Search results look better than ever before, and we’ve made it easier to browse the artists you love and discover related artists you might grow to love.



Spotify is available to Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 users right now, and can be downloaded in the Windows Phone Store.  Also, you can find more information on our blog.

With the release of the Motorola 360, smartwatch market is growing fast. I'm sure you're aware of some people have already designed some prototypes:



So it's not really an idea, as I'm sure you've already had it. Just to know WHEN it will be available :D


Cheers guys, you do such a great job!


Spotify Connect For Desktop App

Status: Good Idea, give it some kudos
by dalevich on ‎18-02-2014 10:19 PM - last edited on ‎08-05-2014 01:58 PM by Moderator

To add the Spotify Connect feature to the desktop application, so it's possible to remote control desktop Spotify from a phone.



[Mod edit - clarified idea and removed second idea in post. If you'd like DLNA support in Spotify, please head here.]

Status: Good Idea, give it some kudos
Hello everyone. We want to do this in the future but at the moment we are focusing on optimizing Connect for mobile devices. Please add your votes and watch this thread for updates.

Bring Back Sorting in Search Results

Status: Not right now
by doughertyp on ‎17-04-2014 02:18 PM

This is bad, guys!  


Once was the day (last week) you could sort all of your search results by artist, album, length OR popularity simply by clicking on the name of that column in the full search results view.  


It's even mentioned in a "Solution" from last week.


Now, the column headings are unresponsive and there is now way to group the results of your search, like when you want to see different versions of the same song by one artist:


New Search Results


There seems to be some problems w/ the search function in other aspects of the redesign so perhaps a fix is in the works?


Spotify's greatest strength is the diversity of music accessible but people enjoy it in different ways, not just by popularity.


Please bring back sorting in search results!  This is big hole!

Status: Not right now
2014-05-22 Thanks for your kudos everyone--we appreciate your feedback and comments around the search function. However at the moment we need to mark this as "Not Right Now". We can assure you we're passing on your votes and comments on this subject internally here at Spotify. Keep your feedback coming and we will notify you right here the moment we have any updates on searching in Spotify.

I recently saw that there's a student's discount only for students enrolled in US Colleges; however, I believe this discount must be offered all accross the world to at least High School and College students becasue the world is filled with us, and we are also passionate about music but with less money to spend since we depend on our weekly jobs or parents.

Status: New Idea


Hey folks! We're marking this as a New Idea as it's slightly different to the idea "Discounts for Students or signing for longer periods (eg. 1 year)"

Thanks for your continued feedback in the Ideas Board everyone.


Spotify on Apple Watch

Status: New Idea
by Rtkemp90 3 weeks ago
Please create an app for the Apple watch that allows users to change songs and playlists from their watch. Perfect for working out and the busy commute.
Status: New Idea

[iOS] Easier way to delete multiple tracks/albums

Status: New Idea
by EA_mon a week ago - last edited Thursday by Have Fans Will Travel

It would be much easier if you could select multiple tracks/albums in a tick box fashion, then hit the delete button, rather than delete them individually, as is currently the case.

This is the only problem I have with Spotify iOS app, other than this it is a very well made and easy to use application!

Spotify Premium Customer

Status: New Idea



The new white text on black design physically hurts my eyes and gives very bad ghosting (i.e. persistent image like those in optical illusions that make you stare at particular color combinations and then look away). I know I'm not the only one with this issue because I've researched it in the past. Without an option to switch back to the old design (White background/black text), I'll need to delete my Spotify account and find another service. Please add an option to switch between the two (because I know many prefer black backgrounds). Myself and a host of others, however, cannot use these color combinations. Please let me know if there is a work-around; it would be much appreciated. It's basically unusable to me in it's current state. :(




Status: Not right now


Hey everyone! Thanks for your feedback surrounding Spotify's new look. For now this idea is being marked as "Not Right Now".


Please know we're continuing to bring your feedback on the new design and your desire for a UI color toggle to the right people at Spotify. If we have an update for this idea we will post here first. Thanks!


Ideas monthly review: August

Remember!: use SEARCH before posting. Your idea may have already been requested

Please have a look at the Community Guidelines in the welcome board.

Before posting a new idea, check out our idea submission guidelines

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