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1 month Gift card expired after 13 days??

1 month Gift card expired after 13 days??

I had been using a credit card for a premium subscription but I got rid of that card so my subscription expired on March 22nd.  On April 9th I bought a $10 gift card to use.  Everything was working well until the 22nd this month.  It seems Spotify tried to renew through my old CC even though I had a valid gift card in use for another 17 days.  I have now been put back on Spotify free after using 13 days worth of a 30 day gift card.  I find it INSANE that I have to go through a message board to resolve this issue.  No customer support live chat, email or even a phone number.  I have been a huge Spotify supporter since they started several years ago.  Is there anyone to even answer this?  

2 Replies

Hey @Redhunter23,


Spotify currently doesn't have telephone support, but you can get in touch with the Support team either sending an email via the Contact form or tweet @SpotifyCares. They'll be able to shed some light on what happened with your payment. 


Hope that helps 🙂

Hey Redthunder23,


I am about to reply to your support case.  It looks like there was a glitch - an easy fix though 🙂

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