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$135 charge from Spotify?

$135 charge from Spotify?


Credit card was lost and I cancelled it, got a new one within a few days of Spotify doing its monthly charge. I think it took me a few days after the payment time to sort the situation out. I assume Spotify wanted to charge me a late fee for that. I also recently tried to change my country in Spotify's settings, to no avail but no matter. Just wanted to mention that.

As of yesterday there is a ***135 dollar*** charge on my credit card. Please explain this.
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Ah, found that I must have accidentally bought 12 months of subscription. Must have done it while I was trying to change my country, I thought the credit card info was wanted for billing address changes, not for renewing subscriptions. If possible I'd like to have this undone.

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Get in touch with the payments team through the online contact form (Subscription > Other > I still need help) and they'll take a look backstage and see what they can do. If you receive an automated e-mail directing you back to the community, just reply to it so you can get connected to an agent that can help. 🙂

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