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2 STEP FACTORY AUTHENTICATION (Don't Ignore this spotify team, Implement it Instead)

2 STEP FACTORY AUTHENTICATION (Don't Ignore this spotify team, Implement it Instead)


Free (good thing I never purchased premium. would have been one of the biggest mistakes I could possibly do)


Somewhere In Asia (Don't like being tracked)


Dell laptop maybe

Operating System

(Windows 10 obviously)


My Question or Issue

I recently had my account logged in from a location I am not fond of at all and I am very certain my account has been exposed and somewhat stolen. I've seen multiple posts regarding this but I am writing this specifically to urge you to implement this. I don't care if you want it or not, but as a community that supports you and made you a global music streaming leader, it's our right to ask for something essential for the safety of us (THE CONSUMERS). I contacted the support team and received the usual response I expected telling me ways on how to reset and prevent my account from being stolen or exposed again, which it probably is. I ended up replying with this and I am very certain you can make good use of the reply and see how important 2FA is in the current generation. 

We understand where you're coming from. While we don't have any additional info to share right now regarding 2-Factor Authentication, we'll be share to gather your concerns regarding this and share them with the right folks so that your voice is heard. If there's anything else we can help out with, we'll be here for you /MI

My reply:-
Kindly get this straight, I am 100% certain I am not the first person to say this but you guys seriously need to INCREASE THE PRIORITY and implement this ASAP. Taking into consideration is not an option because this isn't ABOUT YOU, it's about US. I clearly don't appreciate me having to worry about every account I have, being hacked just cause of a breach and Incompetency in your security. you guys have a huge community of supporters who support your product but as well-known global music streaming market leaders and a well-known company that has been providing the service, it's your responsibility to protect the consumers as well as prevent your databases from being leaked from any means necessary. the reply you gave would have been appropriate if the service started recently but it has been a very long time (I am not saying months but 15years). to add to this, I am shocked you guys offer premium services and you expect consumers buying your product to be safe when they are at great risk of having all their credentials leaked. Not Just associating to Spotify, but their bank details and credentials of other apps and subscriptions they use in their day-to-day life too. I am not satisfied with the service that's being provided by Spotify and as a consumer, I am disappointed with the incompetency from your side to implement something that's an essential feature for the community as a whole. I am wondering right now what exactly is delaying 2FA cause I assure you, it's only about a day or month's work max to create something that's really this important. Even if you all don't want to, you could literally just implement or adapt a 2FA that's very well known such as authy. Hoping to see an increase in the quality and security of your product.
Kindly read everything I wrote cause I am under a lot of pressure cause of this single security breach from Spotify. I am at a huge risk of having my other accounts exposed or stolen too now and I hope you realize how a single feature nobody was ready to implement, despite the importance and need requested from the community can have a huge impact on a single person. Imagine what the community must have gone through already.
As funny as this sounds, I may be at a huge risk cause of one single app. I have to thereby change all the passwords of every account I use. kindly do what is required and implement this instead of giving us false promises of taking into considerations and never implementing something that's as crucial as 2FA. really disappointed to see Spotify not having one of the basic common things a popular app doesn't such as 2FA. hoping you take the required action.

I was later even shocked to see this is somewhat widespread. here are the links I saw this from:-

3 Replies

Hello @Implement_2FA!


Thanks for bringing your feedback to the Spotify Community.


Your ideas can reach Spotify in our Community Ideas Exchange, something similar has already been suggested here. Make sure to add your votes and comments there to show your support.

You can learn more on how the Ideas Exchange works here.

Have a nice day 🙂

Jose_MSpotify Star
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I agree with this one, I urgently need the 2FA (2 Factor Authorisation) system so I can prevent unauthorised logins, I  lost my an off-brand account (not spotify) which was a disaster on my end because I had a lot of items in it and I know how they feel getting worried about losing their account so please, Spotify, make the right choice and add 2FA.

the post linked is now 7 years old, it was marked as "considered" 4 years ago...
that's 3 years, 3 years that this post went disregarded, and now that's it's been "considered" for FOUR FREAKIN YEARS, 2FA still hasn't been implemented, are you kidding me? i implemented 2FA on a website in class in under an hour, don't tell me you guys can't be arsed to pay a dev to implement that feature in say, a day or a week?

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