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3 days still no solution

3 days still no solution

Seriously its been 3 days since i reported this problem and i still have no solution. I have contacted the support through email and twitter yet i still recieve no solution to my problem


When i try to purchase spotify premium it tells me that my zip code is invalid for my country(Canada) Even though i've used that postal code multiple times on spotify in the past. I have tried using different Canadian postal codes and even some American zip codes nothing works.

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Latest post by a Spotify employee:


"Hey guys!


Thanks for posting in the community here 🙂


We're investigating this at current, so hopefully we'll have a fix shortly. In the meantime, could you try entering the postcode with/without a space or in lower case/upper case (or a mix of the 2). How does that help out with things?"

MattSudaSpotify Star
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I tried that already. full caps with space, no caps with space, full caps with no space, no caps with no space. Nothing works.


Until this problem is fixed i think you should give everyone thats having a problem renewing their subscriptions a free 7 days or something.

I agree. You have what looks like hundreds of want to be customers, trying to throw money at you, and your system won't let us. You should probably give us some premium time to tide us over, before we are forced to go elsewhere.

While I agree that some free premium time would be a nice incentive, it would probably be more work for them to set that up than it would be to just fix this problem.


I'm skeptical whether anyone has even started trying to fix this.  The response we get is "we're looking into it" but I see no evidence of anything being done.

This issue has been going on since last week (Thursday is when I personally started having the issue). So far Spotify have been less than uesless in helping. Well I've more or less had it with the nonsense from Spotify at this point. For anyone else looking for the solution to this, here is what I came up with:




Google Play Music

Xbox Live Musix Services


All of them are more than willing to support their customers / take their money / sell their products.


Good Luck

I'm programmer and I can certify that fixing a postal code bug takes at most 1 day.
WTF Spotify 😞

This is so unprofessional. ATLEAST give us updates or something.

You guys ever heard the word "Kafkaesque?"  Because this is pretty Kafkaesqe.


"We're sorry that you cannot give us your money.  Please reply to the email marked 'Do Not Reply.'  Please put a space on the form that will not allow you to put a space."


Is this some kind of social experiment?  Am I on a hidden camera right now?

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