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3 months of Premium for 0.99PLN vs Gift Card

3 months of Premium for 0.99PLN vs Gift Card


I have never been a Premium user before.

There is currently an offert for buying a 3 months of premium for 0.99PLN.

The coincidence is that I recently received a 60PLN (equivalent of 3 months of premium) gift card which i did not redeemed yet.


The question is - how much time of premium will i receive if i redeem my gift card now? 3 months or more?

Will it be better to first pay 0.99PLN for 3 months and redeem the card later?


Take care

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Hello, I have the same question. Did you find an answer yet?

Unfortunately, no.

However, taking into consideration all the issues with Gift Cards that people write about, I doubt that we can hope for additional months of premium if we redeem our cards first. From what I read i asume that gift cards do not mean "money" exacly, they are just equivalents of "months of premium". For example, someone wrote about student discount not being taken into consideration while using gift cards. I hope that helps you.

Take care!

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