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3 months of Premium for 99 cents

3 months of Premium for 99 cents

I want to get the 3 months of Premium for 99 cents. I tried to buy it through the app using my iTunes account. The pop up for the offer was everywhere and I clicked on it but it wouldn't let me. I found that they were trying to charge me the normal price instead of the discounted price. I know you can buy it on their website but I don't want to use my credit or debit card when I don't have to. Help!!
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Hi. Many users have reported that the AppStore charges extra fees so the price would be increased that's why many people suggest to buy premium on the Spotify Website. I can understand why you dont want to put again your payment methods on another website and maybe you want to centralize everything on one place but the thing is that the Spotify website has the lowest price.


By the way, some offers work for new users only so if you are a current spotify premium user that may not  be an offer for you.

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