3 months payment!!!

3 months payment!!!

Today i have been charged for 3 months of spotify!!.

this is after over a month of my premium not working, my account said that i did not have a subscription and would only let me subscribe with a student subscription which was one bulk payment. I did not want to do this so switched to deezer due to your poor service!!

so you can see my shock when almost £30 was taken from my account today and says i do not have to pay until december. i have never given you authorisation to take 3 months at once from my account in one go. the cheek of this after my account not working for over a month is outrageous.

I want a full refund of that money and foryou to cancel whatever i have immediately!!!

Not Happy!!


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I have had the same happen today, after months of no premium service and no payments coming out, now all of a sudden take 3! And without my permission.


Me too!

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