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3 months premium for 49 pesos

3 months premium for 49 pesos

I availed the Spotify Premium promo for 49 pesos thru Globe prepaid. I got 49 pesos off my load balance but the promo did not activate. I'm from the Philippines. I hope you could help me with my concern. Thank you!
23 Replies

How to avail this premium using load?

Hey @Junelalalala, welcome to the Spotify Community!


In this case, we recommend you to reach out to Globe directly. This way, they'll be able to tell what happened since they're the ones managing your subscription.


Let us know how it goes and if you have any other questions.

How to avail the promo 49?

Hi, can i ask if you are already registered in this promo? And if yes, may i know how? Thankyou 😊

Can you tell us how you avail the promo?

Hi, I'm currently using the promo. Try to find the link on spotify's facebook account regarding the promo then they'll make you fill out a form and make you choose on the mode of payment you desire then they'll email you the reference no. 🙂 in my case, I've chosen cebuana pera pal and there are no extra charges 🙂 hope this can help 🙂

Help Globe prepaid payment option is missing! I want to avail the 49php=3months

That's my same problem too. Globe currently have only the 129=a month promo.

Hi. How did you pay it? I selected LBC but it redirected me to choosing the bank kind of payment, deposit rather. Thank you.

Hi! How did you pay through Cebuana? I tried all the payment options like LBC, Cebuana, etc but redirects me to the bank options payment only. Thank you.

Try scrolling it down, there's a gcash and cebuana pera pal and banking choices there. Or if thats the case, maybe just go with depositing on the account info they'll give you ( I think thats dragonpay's account)

Hi, I think there's no prepaid payment option unless its gcash you're talking about? If its gcash, you have to buy from a KYC verified dealer of gcash 🙂 hope this helps

Hi! If you already tried prepaid premium or spotify premium, you cannot avail the 3months=49pesos premium, this happened to me. Hope this helps

Hello, just want to ask. After you paid thru cebuana, nagautomatic premium na yung spotify mo or may process pang gagawin to confirm that you paid? Thank you.

I think I also have the same issue. It says on my profile that my account is already Premium but I can't download playlists and got prompt messages that I have to subscribe to the same promo. 😞

Yup, it automatically activated

Hi,can I ask if there is a way to buy the promo thru Smart?

Hi. I also availed the Spotify premium promo for 49 pesos. I chose the cash payment option. I was given a reference#, payment to dragon pay corp. I went to Banco de Oro and paid the exact amount (49 plus 25 pesos service fee= 74 pesos) payment date 12/29/2016. Until now promo did not activate. I hope you could help me with my concern. Thank you.

Hi! I just wanted to ask regarding the promo ..i availed it 5 days ago but still its not connecting even the 3g/4g/lte is open..can you please advise me on what to do..thank you soo much

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