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30 days free premium trial

30 days free premium trial

I have received two emails saying I can access 30 days of a free premium trial but when I click on the link it just gives me the option of 99 cents  for three months.  It seems a bit unethical if they are promising a free trial but then making you pay to access it under a completely different promo.  Is this just a scam to get people to sign up for the paid service?  It has completely turned me off and I would never sign up to an organisation that uses such unethical business practices. 

2 Replies

Hi there,


If you would like to have a free trial, make sure that your account was not Premium before, and haven't signed up to any other trial offer other than the 7day free trial. You may go to to make sure that you have the right page to sign up for any spotify promos


Hope this helps



I only did the free 7 day trial and the email said that now that was
finished the 7 day free trial I could sign up for the 30 days free
trial. I have never signed up to spotify before or done any other trial
besides the 7 day free trial, which prompted spotify to email me about the
free 30 day trial.

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