408 error


408 error

I've been travelling for 3 months and all of sudden this error 408 pops up and i cant log in. I am in the states and been here for about a week. What should i do?
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You may need to change the country in your profile:




If that doesn't work, please post an update so someone with more knowledge about that can help out.

Re: 408 error

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Smelico is right, but just to add a little more to that if it doesn't work:

Please note that to go abroad generally, a premium subscription is required for any longer than 14 days (On free, it will stop working until you go back to your normal country).

If you have an unlimited/premium subscription, you can go abroad for as long as you like.


At that point, if you have a subscription, please note the country in your account must match the country of your card. But if you have a subscription that doesn't matter as you can go wherever you want for as long as you like.


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