60 days free trial


60 days free trial

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I just now decided to take the offered 60 day free trial which I've heard multiple times while using my normal free spotify. I haven't taken any free trial before. And now when I took it it was only for 7 days? Is this some kind of a bug?

Cheers, Hugox

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Hello @user-removed & welcome to the Community!

Seems you have activated the 7 day trial from the mobile app.

This is like an "instant trial". Once you tap on subscribe you instantly get 7 days of Premium without using a credit card.


The 60 day trial you wrote about needed to be activated from spotify.com with the use of a credit card.

Unfortunately, your account cannot apply anymore to that offer. It is only for users who haven't tried Premium before.


You can subscribe for Premium with the normal monthly price.

Alternatively, you can create a new account to be eligible again. (You would just need to migrate your music from one account to the new one)


Hope this helps! ♫

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Re: 60 days free trial

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What the ... ?, Why there is no warning that turning on from mobile promotion does not apply, only from web?


In the terms and conditions of the offer it says that only does not apply if I were taken 30 days or 60 days trial, says nothing about 7 days.