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7 day free trial

7 day free trial

I have recently had the 7 day free trial and it was due to end on Sunday.

However, my device has been broke for a week and I haven't been able to cancel it and it has now charged me £9.99. So I was wondering if there is a chance for a refund, seeing as I couldn't cancel it when I needed to.




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Hello and thanks for posting in the community!


You can cancel your subscription by following these steps. As for the possibility of a refund, you'll have to use the contact form to get in touch with a member of the Spotify staff. You simply follow the right steps until you reach a bright green button "I still need help" where you'll have to fill in the form. After you send it you should receive an automated email that directs you back to the help pages, so please make sure to reply to it even though it's a no-reply.


Hope this helped!



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