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A couple questions involving Facebook connectivity

A couple questions involving Facebook connectivity

Hello, I finally decided to join Spotify and I have a couple account questions:


1. When I first created an account, I pressed "sign up with Facebook" on accident. I "deleted" the account by removing the app from my Facebook account. Did that really delete the account or is it still floating around? I literarly did nothing else with the account but immediately dispose of it.


2. After making my actual account, I did it by creating an account as opposed to doing it via Facebook, because I'm considering deactivating my FB account for a couple months, and didn't want to bring my brand new Spotify account down with it.. However I did actually tie it to my Facebook after I created my account to find my Facebook friends. This is not the problem, as I explicitly intended to set up my account this way, but it might be the source of something I noticed:


When I look at my friends "followers", my account name/no profile pic shows up instead of my real name/Facebook profile pic for me. I personally don't care about my end, but will my freinds see the account name/no profile pic combo or the real name/Facebook profile pic inside of Spotify?


3. Are there any plans to further customize our accounts on Spotify's end? Like profile pictures for our accounts that aren't from Facebook? Or have account pages that exist on the web as opposed to living in the desktop client?


Thanks for the info. I've been deeply impressed with the service so far. 🙂

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I'm having the same problems here, I just cant get rid of my old fb login, to create a new one using the same mail i have in facebook...  

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