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A hacked account and no more premium odissey

A hacked account and no more premium odissey



Recently I recognize that someone else was using my Spotify account. I notice that Spotify was running elsewhere when I see that are a lot of worse techno music in the world being played in my Android app while I was not using it.

I did what was recommended and clicked on the button to sign off on every device... but it didn't seem to be worked. You know what is starting a gym training listen Under Pressure from Queen and, in the middle of it, the music changed to New Kids on The Block? FRUSTRATING!


So, thinking about how to kick out the intruder, I removed the Facebook connection from Spotify and clicked again to sign out from all devices. It seems to work but when I connected using my personal email, I was no longer a Premium user and all my playlists were gone. I enter in the account info session from my browser and try to find some erased playlists but no one of them is there.


I also tried to rejoin using Facebook, but nothing changes.


I lost everything... My playlists, my adorable rock'n'roll and bossa nova music and my premium account.


Can anyone help me?


[EDIT] Just recovered my Premium privileges!! Only missing the playlists now.

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Hey @nieroivan1, welcome to the community!


Seems like you could've created a new Spotify account or logged into an older one. Let's try following this troubleshooting to make sure you don't have other Spotify accounts.


If you're sure you have only one account and you didn't just set up a new Premium subscription with a different account, you should see any deleted playlists following these steps.


In case you can't find any deleted playlists, we suggest following the steps here, at the very bottom you'll find a way to contact the right team about this for further assistance.


All the best.

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