A lot of music is missing for India


A lot of music is missing for India








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I was awaiting Spotify's arrival to India with bated breath and immediately signed up for the trial when the option was up. But my glee slowly faded when I saw how much of my favourite music isn't available at all. I understand that Spotify is having licensing issues but I didn't think it would be this severe.

I could have lived without stuff that wasn't released in India at all, but a majority of the music that's missing is readily available on other streaming services like Apple Music.

I was so ready to cancel all my other subscriptions and switch to Spotify for good, but I don't know if I want to now. If this isn't sorted out by the end of my trial, I will not be renewing my subscription with Spotify.

I really hope that won't be necessary. I'm a big fan.

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I subscribed to a yearly plan on the day Spotify launched in India. I was foolish enough to not verify the catalogue. Having waited patiently for a year hoping to see the lawsuits resolved, I'm at a loss.

I will not be renewing my subscription which is up for renewal soon.

I've personally moved on to YouTube Premium, which has a great catalogue.


I wish Spotify would clarify when the missing content will be available now that they have settled the law suit with Warner! 


Dance Money is literally the most streamed song and it isn't available on Spotify India. I don't get it

Hey man dere is a soln to dis problem .....if u hav dat song on ur pc downloaded den u can add it to ur spotify library i just found out dis feature and iam using it...it works
As u add it to ur library in ur pc app it will also reflect on ur mobile app ...


Now that the deal is signed again, should we be expecting them to return soon?



Since January 14 2020 the problem should have been solved. I’m a bit late in this discussion, you might all already know it. But if not, maybe you can try if it works now.




Hey all,


Thanks for posting here - we totally understand your interest in having more music content available on Spotify in India.


We ask you to bear with us, as Spotify launched in India fairly recently. Continue to keep an eye out for songs, albums and playlists that might become available soon. 

Meanwhile, feel free to explore the content that we add daily and could be a match with your music taste!


Have a good day!

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It still doesn't as the agreement reached is with Warner Chappell and not the entirety of the WMG Group. Warner Chappell has Katy Perry. So still no Ed Sheeran, Green Day ......


Copenhagen Records/Universal Music (Denmark) is also not available. 🤔



I use USA as my country for the very same reason and it logs you out time to time so you keep need to logging in from a vpn 🤦🏻‍♂️.



There's a lawsuit going on between Warner music and Spotify in India, something about false licensing. Now, after 1 year, they came to a deal, without any court decision**bleep**. Ed Sheeran, bruno mars, dua lipa etc are signed to Warner music. That's why you didn't find their songs. Spotify didn't have rights to stream songs from an Indian label catalogue, saregama (may be old songs), T-series, Sony music enough for us, right! Still Atlantic records aren't available on Spotify India. Hope they'll come up with a deal with these labels as well.

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Hey folks,


Thanks for inquiring into this matter.

We're happy to report that Spotify users in India can access music from Warner Music Group artists.


Happy listening!




Time to switch back to Spotify !

And finally got a premium subscription on spotify... Was waiting just for


For me bands such as Maximum the Hormone are still unavailable,is this related to the Warner issue as well?



Previously the Tips Music songs were not here. Now they are. Thanks!


A lot of songs are still unavailable on Spotify India. Take "All I ever need" by Austin Mahone for example. Its more noticeable with regional albums. I am a Bengali and I find a lot of Bengali movie albums are missing on Spotify India. This is the main reason I went with Apple Music even though their android app is terrible. Atleast Apple Music India doesn't have any issue with any music labels in India.

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