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A problem with my account

A problem with my account

I forgot my password and I check the night before they put me out and my user name was mercampillo8 so I put that user name and my usual password and it didn’t work so I put that I forgot my password and the send me an email saying that my user name was mercampillo and I put that user name and my regular password and yeah it worked , it open but the account was like if I was new and I was premium and that one not so I search in that account mercampillo8 and my  playlists were there  all of them except my favorite playlists that I think that those I put them private , so do you think you can help me and contact me ? Thanks !

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Hey @mercampillo8.


Welcome to the Community. Sorry to hear you're having trouble logging in! 


We recommend you check out this article and go through the steps. They should help you out!


We hope you get reunited with your music soon. Let us know if you need more help with this or anything else 🙂 


Have a great day.

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