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Accidentally deleted songs from playlists

Accidentally deleted songs from playlists



I was going through my playlist and selecting a song. Then I went to type something in the search bar with the playlist open and accidentally mashed the keyboard. When I looked back at my playlist all the songs were gone. I quit the application to see if it was just a glitch, but they were actually erased. I dont know what I did and I can't use the playlist recovery feature as it deleted the songs from the playlist. I have about five hundred songs on there that I would like to keep. Is there any way that the staff could put them back? It is on this account and the playlist is named "Starred" (lol, yeah it is generic). It got deleted today, just a few minutes ago. Help would be appreciated.



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Wow I wouldn't like that. What if you opened Spotify Desktop (without a internet connection), and the list might still be there. Just a suggestion and not sure if it will work

** I have talked to Spotify Support and they have put all my songs

Mucho love to them ❤️

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