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Accidentaly bought 2 x 100 downloads

Accidentaly bought 2 x 100 downloads



I accidentaly bought 2 x 100 downloads on my account, making a huge whole in my wallet. I only ment to buy 100 downloads, not 200. Is there any way to cancel one of them?



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Hey rynee - As this is fairly specific payments question, I've forwarded your query to the customer service department. A member of our team will send you a personal email shortly.

If you have a simliar question just get in touch via our contact form. Our payments team will then be able to lend you a hand. 

I have recently done this I really don't want to be charged £50 for something I'm not going to use. HELP! my email is [Snip - Mod - Email address]

Lee91 - If you haven't already, please contact our payments team here. We can't sort out anything here, I'm afraid. Too many security details are needed and it's not the most secure method (this is also why I've just deleted your email address from your post).


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