[Account] Change Spotify Username or photo


[Account] Change Spotify Username or photo

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Hello, when I created my spotify account they said that the mail (gmail) was already created. Since I was not sure that I had done this, I just reinitialized the password and I kept my account. Once in I see that i should have belonged to someone else, who, I don't know how because my gmail account is very old, used it. 

Now I have a family account, which I would like to keep. 

The problem is that, trying to understand and personalize my account I see that I when I desactivated the option "Traitement de mes données Facebook" (live in France), it changed the user account to the old one (not mine). 

Do you think that I could be possible to "delete" this old information (user name and photo) ??? And if there is any "link" to the old account ????

Thanks, Alejandra.  



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Re: [Account] Change Spotify Username or photo

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Hi there!

I’d recommend checking out this Spotify Answer for the steps you should take to use Spotify without Facebook.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Re: [Account] Change Spotify Username or photo

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Hi Jose, 

Thanks for your answer but I had already seen it. The problem for me is that I do not create my account with facebook, I just loged in with my google account (which I just do not want to change). The facebook stuff belongs to someone else, which I do no know why used my gmail account... this is a prety strange thing to be honest. 

The thing is, closing won't necesarily arange things since I want to keep spotify with my gmail account... 

Finally I do see the option DISCONNECT FROM FACEBOOK. I just can not change any of the options I did not set. 

Thanks again, Alejandra


Re: [Account] Change Spotify Username or photo

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Hey @alelorenzo.


What you can do is close the account and create a new account with your email address. You'll have to cancel your current subscription though.


If you have any songs you'd like to keep, put them in a playlist and share this playlist with yourself so you can visit the playlist with your new account and take the songs from there. This is especially easy when you do it with a computer.


If you want to use the same email address for your new account, you'll have to close your old account. You'll have 7 days to visit your old account and find your music there.


Hope that does the trick! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!