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In having an extremely frustrating problem where Spotify disabled my account and now refuses to help or even give me any information. I do not want to share many details publicly, but it happened because someone filed multiple complaints about a playlist. After each complaint, I emailed Spotify content protection asking for clarification but they gave me little or no explanation, then I got a notification they disabled my account.  I emailed them again multiple times about it and they refused to give me any further details. 


This is unacceptable. I have been a premium subscriber for a decade and spent hundreds of hours over the years creating playlists thinking they would be safe. I have only ever used Spotify for my own leisure and certainly don't make any money from it. It is extremely upsetting after all these years of putting my time and money into this service that nobody from Spotify will even discuss this issue with me.


I have tried contacting customer service through every method available and everyone just refers me to the content protection team who will not respond. I have no idea if or when my account will ever be reinstated or if I will lose everything to permanently. I am hoping someone from Spotify  sees this message and can somehow help me get through to the content protection team.




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Still no response after 3 weeks.

Have you recovered it?, I have the same problem

Sorry just saw this message. Unfortunately no luck with my account. I recently requested my data from this account which I have also been ignored so far. Any luck with yours?

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