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Account Disabled and No Reply. SOS !!

Account Disabled and No Reply. SOS !!


My original premium account has been disabled because I had a problem with my Paypal payment.

I´m not able to login in my account, user is disabled.

I am trying to fix it since more than 1 month ago and is impossible to receive an answer from Spotify team.



Any one can help me please?



The account is not this one I am using to post, the problem concerns to:  ignasi.comillas

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Hey there, get in touch here and one of our support team will get back to you as soon as they can. If you get an automated response, make sure you reply back to it directly, even if it's from a no-reply address.


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I did that more than 5 times, and still waiting and answer until more than 1,5 months.

Could you do anything else please?



What case # did you get? I can't find any support cases under the email address you're using to sign into Community.


For common support questions, see
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Thanks Adam,


The email associated to the problem is: 

The account: ignasi.comilllas


I write form another email cause I can´t log in with my email.


The cases are:


# 00713264

# 00690755

# 00579079

# 00621897


The original mail send by Spotify notificating the problem, the 22 feb, was:


ID / username: ignasicomillas
Date: 2013-02-16 8:10 UTC
Order no: 159243218017
Payment: PayPal

Dear / client:

Recently we received a chargeback from your payment provider, payment related to a Spotify account.

The amount has been returned to your account to pay and, therefore, we have disabled your Spotify account.

If you have any questions about the chargeback, you should contact directly with your payment provider.

The Spotify team

Automated message, please do not respond."



Thank you very much


Okay, I've made sure the most recent 00713264 case was sent to the folks who deal with these kinds of issues. I also included a link to this thread. PM me if you don't get a response by the weekend.


For common support questions, see
To judge my musical taste, check out my

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