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Account Disabled

Account Disabled

So I paid for premium on a credit card that was canceled. I then repurchased premium for an entire year on a different card. My account was fine for about a week, but I received an email saying my account was disabled. I am not sure what to do to either get my account back or to get my money back. 

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Hey @alexrogers18,


You should still be able to access your account even if there was a payment error.


If you could try and login to it and see if you get an error there too, then we can take a closer look.



When I try to log in it says the username or password is wrong. I know the username and password are both correct though. In the email they sent me it says the account is disabled so I dont think I am even able to sign in. Also, all the devices I was logged into were all logged out of. 

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