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Account Disappeared!

Account Disappeared!

So I went to open Spotify and it says I need to sign in. I typed in my password to the email that was ALREADY set to in the app and it greets me with "Email or password not found." So I tried to reset my password and guess what! My email is not found! I've just bought premium too! I have the PayPal transaction to prove it! 


Email on the account I was using: *snip*

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The exact same thing happened to me the weirdest part is that it still works on my PlayStation 4?!?! I don’t get this I can show my name on my PlayStation 4 and payments to prove it as well

The same thing is happening to me, I don’t get it because I’m logged on to the account with my PlayStation 4. But it still doesn’t work I’m so confused. I have pictures to prove it.

I had just paid for premium too! I know it was only a dollar but still, thats my money wasted! This is very frusrtrating as I had stopify for my car bc my radio doesnt work and pandora NEVER loads on data for me. Spotify WAS the best till it deleted my account.

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