Account Down and No word from anybody at Spotify


Account Down and No word from anybody at Spotify

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I have been without spotify for over a week now I have sent 3 emails to Spotify with no response. When I log in it states I have a free account and online shows no reciepts or payment history. I am being charged for a service that I a not recieving. I have asked in my last email that my account be shutdown my money for this entire month be refunded. Man Frustrated


I do not have time in my day to babysit spotify and after 3 emails, probably an hour worth of internet research and 5 forum postings later my next step will be the better business bureau. I hate to say it Spotify but you were once great but now I will never use your services again. Also you might want to look into this great thing invented a long time ago called a telephone number, this will help angry customers resolve issues quickly and peacefully instead of having to resort to such drastic measures to get your our voice heard. 


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Hey Spotify Does Not Always Say Something, Spotify Is Very Bussy

But In this case, I Recommend Contacting Spotify Here:

Here are Some Things you Can take a look at: 



There are Many Reasons you Can Get Banned I Will Type a Few 

1. Using ad Blocker (Usar bloqueador de anuncios)

2. Using Hacked App (Usando la aplicación pirateada)

3. Glitching 

Read More Here:

Also, Read Spotify Terms

(If you Cant Read This and You Need Help Go Here -  Google Translate )

Also, Remember You can Create a New Account But Just Be Safe maybe Take a look  at this Getting started - Spotify

Remember the Spotify Community Is One Post Away 

- Ben 🙂 

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Sorry to hear you've been having some trouble. Your problem appears to be exactly what my colleague Richard posts about here:


If you could log in with your username 'ajzolnoski' and your Spotify password, you'll log into the correct account. You'll then be able to reconnect to Facebook inside your 'Preferences' menu.


I've also just sent you an email, explaining it all a little better. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to answer me through that.


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