Account Hacked

Account Hacked


Hello, my Spotify account seems to have been hacked. I wasn't able to login with my usual password. I clicked change password and was able to get back control of the account but all my playlists were deleted ( I was able to restore them.) date of deletion was 2017-09-26 which is the day I assume this hacking happened. There was also an additional playlist named " soy un hacker" !! 🙂 nice songs though, So I still am keeping it. Can I get a feedback from Spotify team on this? How could this happen and how can I prevent this from happening again.

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I am sorry this situation happen to you. 


Here are several ways to safeguard yourself from letting happen again:


You can change your password every once in a while


Also, be careful entering your Spotify information in 3rd party apps. Some of them are not doing anything but taking your information. 


A good way to fix this is by logging out of all devices. You can do so by going to your account setting and click "Sign Out Everywhere". Here is a link if you need help:


Hope this helps! 

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