Account Hacked


Account Hacked

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(Huawei P30 Lite)

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(Android (9) Pie.)


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I signed up with Spotify with the email address *snip* from my phone (listed above) on the 15th October 2019. I had a 6 month free offer through sky.

On the 16th I received an email from Spotify informing me my recent change of email was successful, but if it wasn't me to contact them, so I did.

It wasn't me that changed it. So got through on web chat and well thats where the nonsense really started.

To verify I was asked about rescent devices. So gave phone details as above. was asked for any other devices so told them I had used it on my phone, google home mini, and fitbit versa. Was asked for serial number of google home mini and given the location, so went and got the said Mini and gave serial number as requested.

Told no nothing matches cant get in account. I asked can't you change email back and I can do a password reset. was told no I have to goto Sky TV (where i got offer) and they would sort it.

Went to Sky as I was told and was informed that they had no control over Spotify accounts they just have offers for their customers.

Went back to spotify. Again informed them my account was hacked gave them the original email address and the one it had been changed to. Again they asked for devices to "validate" the account. Again they told me It was incorrect. In fact I was told my phone had NEVER been used on the account at all, even though I used the phone to originally sign up. Again they kept telling me to go to Sky, multiple times I informed them of the fact that sky has no control over my Spotify account. "get them to issue you with another 6month free" I was told. I informed them Sky would not do that as they had one issued and "active". I was then told then there is nothing we can do. So my spotify account has been "hacked" I cannot access it at all and there is nothing Spotify can do. Again I'm told contact sky lol. Lets be honest here.

My account with 6 months free is hacked less than 24 hours after it was set up.

All traces of the original device used to set it up are gone.

Secondary Devices Used also removed.

Spotify refuses to change email back to original.

All points to the account being compromised by Spotify themselves or someone within Spotify.

I want my account back and a proper explanation


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Re: Account Hacked

Rock Star 23
Rock Star 23

Hey @MattEllis, thanks for reaching out to the Community!


I'm very sorry that this has happened to you. I'd recommend checking out this support article for the next steps to take.  


If you've already followed the steps mentioned, then you can move on to the next step.


I hope this helps 🙂

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Re: Account Hacked

Hi Did you know that you can request for closure of account? Do consider that and re register a new one with same email address.