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Account Hi-jacked

Account Hi-jacked


Hey! I'm using premium on the iPhone 7, and have suspected for a bit that someone else had access to my account when I noticed music I didn't recognise appearing in my saved songs section. I didn't really think about it, assuming that I had just left my account logged onto a friends laptop without realising. That was until recently when it became clear someone is trying to hi-jack my spotify. Constantly while I am listening to music spotify will notify me that the music has been diverted to a different device which results in a back and forth between me and the other user both trying to listen to our own music on our own iPhone.  I know from the notification that the device is called "Totta Iphone",  a name belonging neither to myself nor to any of my friends. I tried to log out of all accounts, but they continued to have access. I know that this means my password is compromised, which was where things got a bit annoying. Stupidly, the email address I had tied to my spotify account was so old that when I tried to access it, it required me to verify who I was using a friend's e-mail address. Unfortunately, the friend's e-mail address has long been shut down after someone else gained access to it. This meant that there is no way to change the password. What makes it worse is that every time I try to manually enter the password (rather than log in via facebook) Spotify tells me it is incorrect. This could be my own incompetence, or I'm worried the other user has themselves changed the password to try and lock me out (stupidly I created both this spotify and old e-mail address when I used one password for most websites, so its not beyond the realms of possibility they had access to both). This means I am currently struggling to remember the password which would let me change the email which would allow me to change the password which would allow me to remove Totta. 


I understand the above is, at best, a byproduct of my own naivety about my account security. However, it would be amazing to know a couple of things. Is there anyway I can bypass the above, for example change my password without having to have access to that old email address. Secondly, is there anyway I can specifically block the Totta iphone from accessing my account? Thirdly, if I delete the account entirely will I be able to sign back up immediately and still access my student discount? I read online somewhere that there was a 12 month wait period? But I'm not sure if that is still true. Fourthly, If I do delete my account is there anyway I can preserve my playlists? I have about two I care about. 


Sorry for the essay and thank you in advance!  



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Hey @sjygo, welcome to the community. 


Hope you’re doing great!


Sorry to hear that you think someone else has gained access to your account, but no worries - I’ll be happy to help.


In this case, I would check out this support article for the next steps to take. If any of the steps in the link I sent you didn’t work, you could also get in touch with Spotify directly using the contact form


I hope this clears things up.


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