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Account Hijacked



my account username is "narimonk" and I've been a premium subscriber since the beggining. Someone has gotten into my account and changed my email address, password, and zip code, then changed my payment plan from monthly to yearly taking all of the money out of my account. Is there anyone who can help I sent an email to spotify and got an automated response but nothing since. I really need to talk to someone about getting a refund and things changed back so I can pay my phone bill. Please help.

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Hi, and welcome to the community!


If you got the automated reply, make sure to reply to it directly (it will probably be from a no reply, but still reply to it) and it will be sent over to the Spotify staff.

If you still get no response, feel free to let me know your case number and I'll escalate it to the staff for you so they can chase it up.


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Narimonk - Please contact us here. Once you've emailed in, please let us know your case number. We'll then make sure it gets passed onto the payments team. They're really nice, they'll get it sorted.


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