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Account: Jondie50

Account: Jondie50

I have been kicked out of my account and have no way to recover it. This is a potential breach of contract, I am not receiving the service I have paid for. If this service has been disconnected, I was not duly notified. 


I have no way to recover this account, or recover my time lost. A claim will be filed for damages in the instance I cannot get remedy. 


I require to be reinstated to my account, this can be done through email. Send me an email to either:





Account name is: Jondie50


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Hi there @Jondie50!


Thanks for reaching out, unfortunately no one is able to access accounts through the Community due to the verification required to ensure your account holder, therefore I’ve linked you to a contact form here which will not require you to login and will get you to an advisor. 

All the best,


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