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Account Keeps Getting Hacked Twice a Day, Nonstop

Account Keeps Getting Hacked Twice a Day, Nonstop




United States


Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and HP Laptop

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Since last week, my account has been getting hacked DAILY from around the world and within my own country (USA). This is quite frankly getting super ridiculous, and I have taken every step to protect my account, including signing out all active sessions, changing my Spotify password and passwords associated with my Spotify account (Facebook, Gmail and Hulu), ran virus scans on both my phone and PC, and followed every measure Spotify has told me to take. I am getting INSANELY frustrated that this keeps happening, and nobody seems to have any other answer other than "change your password and sign out of all active sessions." I pay monthly for premium, and I'm honestly considering ending my plan with Spotify if no action is taken to help me.


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Hi @user-removed 


May i know how do you know your account is getting hacked?

Let me know!


I get email notifications that people are signing into my account from
around the world.

When you sign into Spotify, are you using a VPN, or the Tor browser?

No, just the Spotify app on my phone or computer. Support gave me an
entirely new account, so hopefully that fixes things

Hey @user-removed,


Thanks for reaching out about this here.


To make sure that no one is accessing your account in an unauthorized way, it'd be great  for you to bookmark and follow the steps in this support page article as well as this one since they feature some essential info regarding how to keep the safety of your account up-to-date.


Hope you'll find this useful. We'll keep an eye on your reply in case there's anything else we can help with!

Mario Moderator
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I appreciate the links, but I was following all of those steps and my
account was still being breached. Hopefully now that my account has been
transferred there won't be any more issues.

Thank you.

I am having the same problem and Spotify keeps giving me the run around with NO SOLUTION all their suggestions go no where. I am getting logins from all over the world. WTH?

this is madness the developers must do something about this accounts are getting hacked daily

Hi all,


Thanks for drawing our attention to this!


In addition to all the helpful info and steps @Mario gave, I'd like to emphasize on certain actions. 


Besides resetting your password and logging out from every device, it could be very helpful to change your password for the email linked to your Spotify account.


Then, do make sure to remove access of third-party apps. 

Apart from that, use a complex combination of passwords for each different service that you use. 

We hope shedding light on these aspects helps. Feel free to let us know what happened afterwards.

Have a good day!

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What I'm trying to say is that I've done every single one of those things.
Multiple times. And my account was still getting hacked multiple times

I ended up closing my account permanently because it wasn't getting better.
This seems to be more of an issue on Spotify's end. There's people all over
the world who can easily crack into accounts with hacking tools despite the
security steps Spotify tells us to take. When Spotify ramps up security on
their end and maybe adds extra security steps, I'll come back. But until
then there's no way.

Thank you all for trying to help but at this point it's a lost cause. I'm
not trying to get my personal information or payment information stolen.
Sucks because I loved using Spotify but I'm not going to use an app with
such awful security features.

Have you tried revoking all device access BEFORE changing your password? If someone is still connected to your account while you change the password, they might be able to find out what you change it to.


Also, are you absolutely sure you're not using the same or similar passwords (or parts of passwords) across multiple services? If you use the same word in all your passwords and only do basic substitutions like write a 3 instead of E or adding numbers at the end, it is very easy for hackers to crack.

I don't get how Spotify does not do anything with regards to security, to avoid hackers. Instead of asking us to log out and log back in, how about take a look at your own security/ firewall? It's ridiculous how my account gets hacked few times a year. Imagine if we store information such as credit card number and etc. Fix it?

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