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Account Name is locked out.







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I'm currently dealing with an issue with my username on Spotify or lack thereof.


After backreading a bit, it seems plenty of users already have had issues about theirs too (and a lot don't like this system so idk why it persists) but for my case i feel quite more like my hands are tied.

According to the username help page, there are two options to have a username. The first being to create a new account (which isn't a choice at all considering i'd lose all my playlists and i have a family account and it would probably interrupt everybody else's account). The second method instructs to connect your Facebook account.
But it seems i have another problem there because the Social tab of my settings page on the Spotify.exe shows nothing of the sort.


I've been trying to connect my Facebook account but it wouldn't seem to properly do so. Some pages indicate that it's connected. Some don't, like the username shows.

This honestly seems like yet another in a million different reasons why a username system should just be implemented. Because that first option is not an option.

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Hi there @exydeus,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


First of all i want to clear the username issue in hand.

Basically, Spotify generates a "serial" number for new subscribers, mixed from both numbers and letters due to security issues.


Therefore, what you've read on this help page includes all the steps needed for a user who wants to change it.


Regardless and just for you to know that if a user decides to create a new account for any reason, they can always turn to this Spotify answer, follow the instructions and have all their data safely transferred.


Also, if you're a part of a Family plan and you change your account all you have to do is get re-invited by the Family plan owner.


However, the situation you're describing holds a missing step of connection between your Facebook account and your Spotify account.


What i suggest is the following :

- Visit your account overview page at

- Scroll down and find the "Privacy" tab on the left menu

- Turn on "Process my Facebook Data"

- If it's on, turn it off and back on

- Give the changes a bit time to apply on your account


I hope this shed some light and will solve the issue in hand.

Feel free to keep me posted and i'll provide further steps if needed 🙂

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