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I know that there is tons of posts about this topic but I would like to ask just to be sure.


I guess  I've singed up 8 years ago so i don't remember my sing up process. I used it back then but stop using it after a while. Recently I've upgraded my account to premium and i've noticed that my account name is numbers. I've already know that i can't change my account name so what i am asking is this;


Is there a way to show your name instead of account name? My friends sees my account name (Which is just numbers) instead of my name and it is hard to understand to be honest.


Also can't you do some thing similar to steam? In steam you can change your seen profile name whatever and however you want. Surely this isn't too much to ask for, right?


Lastly english isn't my mother language hope i was understandable.

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Hi @BaTıR, thanks for posting in the Community!


If you would like to have your name show up instead of the random username with lots of letters and numbers, and you have a Facebook account, you can connect it to your Spotify account and it should display your name instead of the username.


Unfortunately there is no way to change your display name like you can on Steam, but if you would like to see this implemented, feel free to submit the idea on the Community Ideas Exchange.


Hope this helped, and please reply if you need anything else!


So you can change your display name to reflect your name but you cannot change your username.
The other option would be to make a new profile and give it a name or connect your FB as Batir said earlier

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