Account Stolen: Email and Password Changed

Account Stolen: Email and Password Changed

Plan: Spotify Premium

Country: USA

Device: Various Mac Products


My Question or Issue

During my regular listening a few days ago, I found that random songs started playing without my prompting. Upon further investigating, someone accessed my account and was controlling what I was listening to.  I received an email notification that someone changed my password, and then the email attached to my premium account was changed as well.. The 'new' email (with redactions) looks like this:




After I got these notifications, I lost access to my account. Every log in attempt either said I have no account or have an incorrect password. The same thing happened with my Hulu account (confess that my password and usernames were the same), as I recieved an email that 'Sam' was trying to access my account from the Island of Honduras (I have no connection to these people). I quickly changed my Hulu password.  'Sam' later tried to access the account again the following day in the location of San Jose, CA. 


I filed a report and have an account ticket as of yesterday and have not had communications with Spotify as of yet. Wanted to share my experience because I know others in the Reddit community had similar experiences.


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This happens all the time:

In the "ideas" section of this message board, users recommended two-factor authentication, and other improved security features, over four years ago.

The "idea" is still "under consideration."

When you finally get a response from Spotify (don't hold your breath) you'll be asked to provide an image of your bank statement showing your monthly charge. They can use that info to identify you and your Spotify account, and change the e-mail associated with your account back to YOUR e-mail, and then you will be able to reset the password.

But response times are slow. You can try using the contact form here:

and try to escalate your case using the live chat option.

Other people have experienced cases where the hacker changed the plan to the Family plan, and started giving out the family accounts to other people.

If that happens, you'll get billed the higher price for the family plan. And, guess what? You'll lose Hulu. The Family plan is not eligible for the Hulu bundle. And once that happens, you'll never get Hulu back, 'cause that bundle is no longer available, so it can't be added back on, even if you change back to regular Premium (unless you are a student).

Good luck. When I contacted Spotify through Twitter (which is one the recommended support methods) about a gift card that was not working, the customer service was horrible.


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