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Account Suspended - Customer Service Won't Help

Account Suspended - Customer Service Won't Help


My account was recently suspended and I am not sure as to why. Whenever I message customer service the frontline staff say they cannot help me, the escalation/specialty staff say there is nothing they can do and end the chat on me. They also are not able to tell me if/when my account will be released, or wat it is they feel I did to deserve a suspension. A few members have said a "concerns team"/"specialty team" will email me in 24-48 hours, however that seems to be a moving goal post because we are past 48 hours at this point, and today's agent told me I will get an email in.... you guessed it.... 24-48 hours.


The main issue for me is my band page on Spotify For Artists is linked to this account and only this account, so I cannot get into my band page anymore. And Spotify For Artists customer service says I need to contact the regular CS team.....

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I'm convinced there's just a group of customer service workers that sit in a room and laugh at all the people spending their hard earned money on the worst functioning app of all time. I have an email thread of over 30 emails where they just sent me to another person until I gave up.


Hey There, This seems very Unfortunate that you cant Jam to Your music. 


Go Ahead and Look at the Terms Of service here:


And You Mentioned Being a Spotify Artist That's awesome and You make Spotify Better! 

The Artist Contact is:




If This Dose Not Work I would Try to Reach out to Spotify Support at:

But I do Appreciate you Reaching out to are Community For this


My Goal is to become a Spotify Star I Love Helping users Just like you with problems. I Would Highly Apprentice to help my goal, If you Found this Helpful Give it a Like Or Mark It as the Solution!  


Hope This All Helps 


Ben! 🙂 - Have a Amazing Day/Afternoon/Night 


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